Front Yard 2 of 3

Midland, PA

Here is the middle.

Thumbnail by brad_cj
Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

From your pics looks like you got a lot of territory to cover. Can't wait to see the progress. Where is Ohioville, PA? I grew up in Lewisburg!

Midland, PA

It's about 35 miles NW of Pittburgh, right on the panhandle of WV and the Ohio border.

Yep lots to cover and this is just the front - the one side and back are even worse!!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

My first thought looking at that slope in the middle is the wild orange daylilies. They spread and fill out quickly so erosion won't be a problem - they require absolutely no care, and you'd get the nice orange flowers as a bonus. In the fall you could just weed whack all the foliage down and rake it clean. But ... I wouldn't plant them if you plan to have more delicate flowers there anytime in the future. They're not easily removed once you have an established patch of them.

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