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Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

I am going to re-landscape the front of our home this spring. It is a northern exposure. What types of trees could I put out there? Am looking for something tall (6') and airy like a scotch - will they do okay in most shade?

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

I am also studying trees for my new site and I might come up with something later on. Is 6 feet maximum height or do you mind a taller specimen? You want to make sure that whatever you plant can take the wind. Many conifers suffer from wind scorch. Are you after a conifer or a deciduous tree? I don't think that conifers appreciate a lot of shade but I could be wrong - I'm still researching!! I do know the Canadian Hemlock is a gorgeous tree and fits the bill for the wind, but don't know how it manages in a shady spot.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

My neighbor behind my property has a bunch of Canadian Hemlocks in mostly shade, due to the scotch pines on my property crowding out his trees. On the other front, I have some Canadian Hemlocks (my favorite tree) on the sunny front side of my property with no other tree competition. There are differences in the growth of the shaded Canadian Hemlocks and the full-sun Canadian Hemlocks. The ones in shade have fuller top growth but sparse bottom growth, which is sort of bare and more trunkish. The upper parts of the trees look really nice because they do get some sun. They are thriving, though, and they remind you of towering evergreens in a forest. The Canadian Hemlocks on my front have lots of thick vertical growth with those graceful hanging limbs, which aren't seen in the back shade area specimens.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Trish, how long did the hemlocks take to grow to a decent size. I think they are beautiful and have seriously been thinking of putting them along the driveway. Would this work do you think?

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