whats the difference

Olympia, WA

i am getting so confused. in some places they are the same thing in others its not. so maybe could someone help me clarify

whats the difference between, angel trumpet, brugmansia, and datura?

based on some of the discriptions i found they seem like the same thing. but i've also found places that say they're not and brugs and daturas are different. both are referred to as angel trumpets right?


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Quynh, that's a question I've had, too. I've heard the names used interchangeably, and one of my gardening books cross-references the two to the same definition! So here's a link that explains the differences:


Olympia, WA

thanks terry

i got a cutting of brug and started growing some datura fron seed. glad i didn't go through all that effort for a plant i already had.

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