Thought we needed to resurect this thread,lol' I'm looking at snow/ice melting this beautiful sunny morning,so pretty' What are you doing?

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Just driven back through the lanes with a real gale blowing. Bits of tree all over the road, some places right across the road!! Had to stick to the speed limit to avoid bumping into them LOL. Winds making the house shiver....

Burrrr''' Now I'm shiverrrinnggg,lol' Be very careful'''Hope you're dry,warm and safe now Phil'

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

We've had a real window rattler today - and just now it's spitting snow.

I'm planning on getting some violas from T&M as soon as I get the catalog - I have a gift certificate. Is there anyone else who adores violas here - not just the common ones but any really out-there varities. I have common violets, lots of pansies and johnny-jump-ups or heartsease that have been crossing up a storm - some nearly blacks that are popping up increasingly and some sweet violets that are wild and striped (!) from our woods. Those that I hope to get are V. jooi, V. koriana sylettas, v.rupestris rosea and V. sororaria Red. Any suggestions?

I love Violets, they like the garden too which is a good thing in my book!

V. jooi is such a darling, little, well behaved plant, I'm hoping its herbaceous cos its down to the rootstock right now. I couldn't possibly give any suggestions, I love them all.

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Yep thanks Sis. Home and dry and dreaming of violas Kathleen. Love the scented ones - favourites Zoe, Myfawnny, Maggie Mott (even if she is untidy, Irish Molly (even if not very scented, Rebecca and particularly Etain :)

Well,just came in from taking a damage control look and not good at all,18inches of ice on everything. Everything is burried,including my Giant Swiss Pansies,dang it all' I did manage to get to the bird bath,watered them,too slippery for anything else now,fun' I can always count on my wild violets,don't pull them out anymore,only thin and relocate,gotta luv'm'

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

U go carefully on that ice and snow Sis. Wind still howling here. Oh for the SPRING to come.

Thanks Phil,when you're all alone ya do everything carefully,lol'

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Toooo true Sis :-)

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Your ice still there Sis, or has the big thaw set in?? Winds dying down here and the farmers have been out to clear away all the branches from the lanes, so driving not so hazardous today. Must remember to see how my violets are coming along tomorrow. Got some traditional violet colour and others dark plummy purple, but no striped ones like Kathleen. They sound different!

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

LOL, our violets are all under snow, again. I don't know whether the striped ones are diseased, as in the original striped tulips, or if it is a very odd variation. They don't exhibit any illness and seem to seed true to themselves. I plan to save some seed from them this year, but I think the US government has put trading seeds overseas now out of the question.

Baa, I'm happy to hear that there is a well behaved viola. my lot are all rather like renegades, they pop up when and where they want. Some of the little hybrid V. tricolors are out there blossoming away under the snow as I type.

Sis, you be careful of that ice - way too much to deal with on your own.

Still no change,or thaw just hope we don't lose power like many others have already' Oh, I long for spring,especially these looonnnggg winter days and nights,lol'

Phil you don't overdue it either,nasty weather,same for you Kathleen,no fun'

Baa hope all's well your way too'


Thanks Sis,

Wind speed is down to 14km, 52F and its going to pour down in a little while. Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year ;)

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Windspeeds way back up again, gusting and lashing with rain. As you say Baa, par for the time of year!! How's your ice and snow Sis??
Just been looking at catalogue. Aaaaaaagh
Should think the striping on your violets could well be caused by a virus Kathleen. Mark says that's how his yellow snowdrops are yellow - see photo forum. Doesn't necessarily mean it's going to do a lot of harm presumably.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Yes, I think being a plant and just getting striped flowers would be much preferrable to the flu!

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)


Kazoon tieight(sp)


I take back what I said about Viola jooi, today I found several seedlings in the same pot which look suspisiously like V jooi. I could have sworn I took all the seed pods off too. ah well could be worse, could be ragwort!

Incidently if you are still looking to buy them I have about 10 seeds I can send on if you want them.

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