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Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, Daniel, and welcome to Dave's Garden! It's so wonderful to have a computer and a garden at your age. You will be able to grow so much more by spending that subscription fee, so I think you made a wise decision. See you around the garden!

Hi Daniel and welcome to Dave's Garden' Know you'll learn so much and appreciate the family atmosphere we all share' See ya,'round the garden too' From the Sunflower State to the Golden State,welcome Sis'

Jerome, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi Daniel....You are most welcome here....Jump right in...Feet and all....Wantabe (Diana) a Michigander!!!!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Hi Daniel Glad to have you here in this most wonderful garden spot!! Enjoy and jump in!

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Hi Daniel! Welcome to Dave's Garden. Everyone is so very helpful here. You're going to love it here.

(Zone 5a)

Hi Daniel, welcome and glad to have you.
Since your new to DG I feel I have to give you the following scoop...WARNING!WARNING! RED LIGHTS FLASHING!
DG IS ADDICTAVE! So get what you have to do done first or you won't be able to leave the computer, my finger are stuck to the key board permanently and I can't type lol.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Hello Daniel welcome to the garden!!

Montrose, PA(Zone 5a)

Hello Daniel welcome to DG from Pennsylvania!

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Welcome DG and it is so nice to see youngest age join here is you and Evert and hope more younger join here.

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