What to do with the fish?

Muncy, PA(Zone 5a)

I will be digging my pond deeper in a month or 2. Anyone have any good info on how to move the fish with the least amount of stress to them? The fish are small (8 of them), 4-6 inches in length. What to keep them in, etc. Thanks for any information.

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(Zone 7a)

When I did some work on my pond I filled a baby pool with the pond water and placed some of the plants in it and placed the fish inside.
They seemed happy enough.
Hope this helps some.

Hello Lorie, janice's idea is good, if its hot when you do it, make sure you put in the shade, and cover it up, because those pools get very warm, and the fish will jump out, if it going to take a few days, use something to take out the water in the pool, than poor it back hard into water, to make as many bubbles as possible, this will keep the water well oxygenated, warm water does not hold much of that, it may be nesessary to do that a couple of times a day, good luck.


Muncy, PA(Zone 5a)

Would an aquarium airstone help with the oxygenation in the water temporarily? It should be easy to set that up if for only a day or two.
Another question comes to mind, how do I acclimate the fish to the "new" pond water ?

Lorie, Yes it would, i use one myself when the need comes, the easy way to acclimatise fish is in a polythene bag, half filled with water, tie a knot in the top and float it on the top of the new pond for about 20-30 minutes, dont stuff the bag full of fish, they need a little room to move, so if nesessary use two or three bags, the water that you are going to put in the bag would benifit a minute or so with the air stone in it before you add the fish, after they have floated on the new pond, cut open the bag a gently tip in the fish, job done, i hope this is of use to you.



Muncy, PA(Zone 5a)

Thank you for the wonderful information. Can't wait to put it into practice.

Crofton, MD(Zone 7a)

I would also use a test kit to measure PH. Try and get the PH the same in the new pond and the swimming pool. You could also add water from the pond to the pool just before the transplant. This should help achieve a closer temperature match.


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