Snap-in Flooring / Pros n Cons?

Grand Prairie, TX

We are looking to buy a particualr house. We want to redo the carpet and tile and possibly put in wood floors. I want to use the snap-in flooring I have heard a lot about recently. I have heard that it's good and bad, seems that the people who don't like it are just very particular about the details of their home, while others say it works and wears just fine.
Has anyone had any experience with the snap-in do-it-yourself flooring?

High Springs, FL(Zone 8b)

DH and I have been talking about doing the exact same thing for a couple of years but haven't started yet. Are you planning to do the parquet (squares) or planks?

Grand Prairie, TX

we are planning on planks. i considered the parquet but decided on planks. DH still wants carpet. i am working on that part, but planks would look best in this house. i understand people want carpet for certain reasons...but for other reasons i would like wod flooring...yes it may scratch, but i would rather have wood floors that get a little worn after awhile than carpet that stains, wears, and tears. plus you get thos wrinkles in it sometimes and have to stretch the carpet back out. for me, i would rather smooth the surface of the wood every once in awhile than keeping the carpet steam cleaned every few months...would rather sweep than vacuum. also, even if the snap in didnt last after awhile, couldnt you just put it back in and maybe use the floor paste to keep them in there like u would regular flooring anyway?

Hi CoCoSeed,hope you're getting around better now'

Well, our son just built a home and has the hardwood,plank flooring' It's beautiful and they did quite a bit of research before installing it' I don't have the name right now but will find out for you' In the meantime I found these for you and might help in your decisions too' HTH Sis'

Had trouble with the one link sorry,couldn't get it'

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Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

CoCo, we have been looking into the floating floor (snap in) for a long time now and have done some research on it. The people in the next condo over from us did theirs and we looked at it when they sold their condo. It's beautiful and so easy to do. We are planning to do our kitchen, dining area and bathrooms with it as soon as our funds will allow. I've found the best to be Armstrong though :o)

Hempstead, TX(Zone 8b)

my brother in law installed it in their last house it looked great and held up great with 3 very active kids and all there friends, if my trailer was worth more than a dollar i would want it here.

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