March 23, 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Good Morning!It's Friday!!:-) A very foggy S.LA. morning this morning. Another beautiful day on tap. Yesterday was just perfect. I have laundry backed up from the last 2 days because I played outside...looks like today will make it 3 ha, ha. This morning DH couldn't find clean socks...oops! He did manage to find a pair stuffed in the drawers...guess I should at least put a load to wash..You folks have a great day. It is so nice to see a couple of new names here this week. I am glad our farm family is growing. Have a great day all! Blessings, Lisa

Stanton, IA(Zone 4b)

Woke up to a warm foggy morning, snow finally melted last week, had 114 days of snow cover on the ground, nice to see grass again. Saw my first robin yesterday, a sure sign of spring. Found my first Tulip trying to break through the ground, good times are coming. Time to start cleaning up the garden tools, tiller, work on the tractors. Life begins anew every spring, time to clean out all the birdhouses for the finches and bluebirds. Everyone have a great day!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi Texia, glad to see you with us. The robins have almost all left us here, getting to hot for them I guess. I will tell the ones left to go bring spring to ya'll up north...Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Morning everyone,
Its a crisp 34 this a.m. suppose to reach 50 again!!=]
I worked all day yesterday in a long sleeve Tshirt-raking,clipping and burning..what a wonderful day. Tonight will be dipping down with possible flurries-please NO!!!
Hubby went to the dr. and has a kindney infection and the stones...poor baby! I went to Meijer last night(2am)for girlie needs-I also grabbed 2more rex begonias and a staghorn fern-girlie needs also! ;] It was warmer @ that time of the morning than right now. I took my sons car rather than my hightop van-Im trying to be quiet-the stereo comes on *BOOM BOOM BOOM* he has kickers-you think I knew how to turn it down-No....then I cant find the lite switch-Im just flipping buttons and *poof* they're on-then I get to meijer I cant shut them off. I left them on and ran in..finally found it-the blinker switch is on the right and theres a handle switch where the blinker should be!!!Sheesh. I just wanted to return to my nice warm BED! But the plants were a nice bonus! LOL
I see we are 1101 and growing-GREAT WELCOME to all the newest members-this is a great place to hang out! I thought about it as I lay there trying to get back to sleep-should I or shouldnt I go check davesgarden-ADDICTED!
You can all have my ROBINS-they eat all my sweet cherries and berries every year!!
Everyone have a great day,

hey I have a ?-what does the D stand for in Dgs or Dh?? dear,darling,devoted-dumb? does it depend on the day? hehehe

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Bright and sunny now, may make it up into the high 40s later, but hard freeze early. More snow and cold coming this weekend, with lake snows after the front brings the NW wind down. Sigh. I could use some nice warm foggy weather, send those robins up quick Lisa!

Had two more bull calves, I'm beginning to wonder about this - 14 calves since New Years and 12 of them have been bulls. One heifer died, the other one is out there growing like crazy, but she's looking pretty lonely!

My seedlings are fast becoming plants, the pansies and Angel Wings roses are going to need repotting if spring doesn't hurry up and assert herself!. I need to get the tomatoes (just 6 plants - no salsa factory here!) and the broccoli into pots and plant some more stuff that needs a head start.

Guess I'd better get started with the rest of the day. Enjoy the day,

southeast, NE

Good morning! (Dori - don't forget d*mn!) We found Molly, our Limousin cow, with a 125 lb bull calf this a.m. Dh thought she was overdue and possibly didn't settle with a.i. but then when he rechecked records, she was actually due today. A friend of ours stopped yesterday to look at our calves. So far everyone's favorite is our heifer, Nike. It was almost balmy out yesterday with the sun shining - I did an animal check about 2:00 and I think every cow/calf was laying down and taking a nap. It's foggy now but supposed to burn off later. One of our steers is sick - he had a 104 temp last night - we treated him and he seems a lot better this a.m. Dd has another local cattle show tomorrow. Better go - you all have a great day!

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Morning everyone! It's another perfect day on the GA coast with temps in the 70's and lots of sunshine. Yay!!! That means I can play outside again! Well, tomorrows THE day...the day I plant my garden. I catch a lot of flack for planting by the almanac but heck it works for me and you know what they say. If it ain't broke don't fix it! ;)

Lisa, did you get all your maters planted? What varieties did you plant?

Dori, it depends on the day as to what the "d" stands for at my house! ROFL


(Zone 5a)

Good morning all, yadayadayada Lisa & Terri, another dreary day here. Looks like rain..AGAIN! My day's going to be spent running to the store and PO, have a wedding to go to this evening and haven't bought the gift yet :~( My poor Dh(dear/darling today,lol)left Mon. to work out of town, he got home last night at 1:30AM and had to be back at work at 7:AM today and it's an hour drive to work! I had to poke him out of bed this morning, I think he got about 3 hours sleep so he should be in fine feddle for his cousins wedding :~D Gotta get moving, have a great day!

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Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning, everyone. It was very foggy here earlier this morning but it's clear now. DGS & I worked outside a LOT yesterday until some friends came out to visit, and bring us some lovely vinyl gloves that her DH gets at work but can only use a few times then must discard, and pick up some plants I had brought home from PG. I hope they get planted, so often she bites off more activity and work than she can get done. But she does really love flowers and gardening. Actually she now yardens too.
We're going to have to keep the poultry locked in the pen for a week or 2 as we are going to put some plants and seeds in the ground today. It's suppose to be really cold again tomorrow so any outside work needs to be done today.
DGS is busy preparing the borders of his personal flower bed. It's great to see him so interested in the yard and garden. And not afraid of real work.
I cut off the dead tops from the mums yesterday and was pleased to see a lot of new growth already. I'm going to start moving those pots of mums and asters off the porch in a few days. They are accustomed to the warmth of the unheated porch and the outside might be somewhat of a shock especially at night. I can cover them with blankets tho.
DH is giving DGS a hands on lesson in reloading shotguns, etc. He is a BIG boy for his age and has started shooting the shotguns and bigger rifles. I think we may set up a shooting range around here for him to do practice. DH use to do a lot of target shooting. He has never been a big hunter but does like to target shoot with all kinds of firearms. Poor man can't see well enough(he is developing cataracts)to be an accurate shot anymore which is so depressing and frustrating to him. It is now becoming more important for DGS to become an accurate shot than it was even last year.
I noticed the other day that we have lost a LOT of iris in one bed. I hope we have some of each cultivar left to start again. That bed seemed to stay wet last winter and I guess that caused the rot.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

congrads on your sons fine job!!
No robe-but my flowered sweat pants under a long black leather coat! It was a struggle to get out of my duct tape slippers and put shoes on!!! (i have others but these are great) When the lady said good morning as I came in the door-I just looked at her funny-oh yeah morning!(2a.m.)if i didnt have to get out of bed I wouldnt have!!!!
My sons car goes to fast to quick-I kept looking down-80mph in no time...surprised I didnt get a ticket.
We have crocus blooming today! yahoooooo/
I found out how to sneak plants in the house too-2am noones up looking-just put them in with all the others and noone will even notice! ;-}
have a great day,

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Welcome to the new folks. We have a partly sunny day here, with quite a few clouds. Plenty to do outside (inside too, shhhh). Last night on my lamb check I pulled a really big lamb from a yearling, she was trying hard to have it but she was very tired and it was a big lamb. When I put it under her nose she just laid there and didn't start to lick it for several minutes. After she got to her feet I moved the lamb a few feet and she got concerned and stomped her foot at me (a good sign) and I went away, she went to her lamb and got even more interested. And so on till I had her in a pen with the lamb, the lamb on it's feet and looking for food. It will be a while before I even get tomato seeds into pots because our last frost can easily happen June 1, and even later than that people have lost their tender plants. Have a great day everyone, count your blessings.

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