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Landscape dilemmas & roses: fave inspiration resources?

Fairfax, CA(Zone 9a)

I'm about the business of landscaping a new garden in which roses will be prominent in the sunny areas. I will need interesting mixes of evergreen & perennials near the roses. There are other areas needing various solutions, as well: In the front, which borders the street, I have a 3' tall wire extension to the 4' "legal limit" perimiter fence on a large corner lot--both to keep deer at bay, and for privacy. The idea here is that the roses on the INSIDE of this fence-extension [ie: facing me & my house] will be safe from the deer... I've got climbers ready to hopefully bloom this year on some of these areas. But, the roses are not enough to provide privacy in the winter, and I'm looking to plant some evergreen vines which will cover this wire fence extension and serve as winter privacy screens, and as backgrounds for the climbers along this fenceline. [I don't care if the deer munch along the outside, as I'm not looking at it!] This is a tricky problem, as I don't want whatever I grow behind the roses on this wire fence to interfere with the care of & climb-ability of the roses. Pink evergreen jasmine is one option....but surely there are others?

One question I have, tho not related to the privacy issue, is whether anyone has grown annual, NOT perennial, morning glories near/behind roses before...since they die off & can be removed, do they pose as much problem as the clearly invasive and inappropriate perennial ipomeas??

I'm looking for inspirational resources [whether books, websites, etc...] to provide ideas & solutions to these dilemmas, and wonder what your favorites are.

Your ideas/inspirations are welcome as well.



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