Making window pelmets

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

I want to make pelmets!! I don't know if you call them by that name. They are sort of boxes that sit at the top of the window frame and curtains are hung from the inside. Casements??? Is that it? I was hoping someone could give me some ideas on how to construct them!! Thanks!! I had posted this on another forum and had totally forgotten this is where it should be :-)

Mason, MI

Would these be cornice boards?
Whatever they're called,
I've seen them constructed out of wood,
foam-core, even heavy corrugated cardboard,
then covered with quilt batting,
then with decorator fabric over that.
Isiden the ones made of wood, wooden closet poles
were used to hold the curtains.
Is this what you mean?
I bet you could find how-tos on the site,
under The Christopher Lowell
shows archives.
Good luck to you! :-)

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

I know there is a better name, but I've been calling them box valences forever :)

I've made several of these, several different ways. by far the simplies was the one that I just did for DS's room. I cut a 2x4 and attached it to the wall, then stapled fabric that I had lined and hemmed to the top. It simply hung down. If you cut the board a couple of inches longer than the window (which I did), wrap the fabric around the ends to form a box.

The other way is to make a box out of plywood (I've even seen it done on shows with heavy foamcore, or styrofoam. This will be a three sided box when you are done. Cut each side the length and width desired. Cover the one side of the pieces with batting, then your fabric. Attach the pieces together using nails or screws, and attach the box to your wall with L brackets.

Hope this helps!

Something like a window valance only it's made of wood that goes across the top part of the window?

In any case,you have mail my dear.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks so much!! Oscarsdotter, yes I believe you have it!! This was all so helpful. You too Trish, except I don't want to cover it at all. When we rented the last house, it had these white cornices with lovely scroll work - very simple and painted white. They were also very light-weight - I just can't remember how they were put together! In other words, the curtain track was already placed on the wall, but this box went over it and hid curtain track. Thereby eliminating the need for a curtain valance!! So I suppose you could call them wooden valances then. There was a top, a front which was scrolled and two sides!! So this would still be attached with L brackets, am I right?? I haven't a clue what they are but can find!! Coco sent me some good examples in the mail - still didn't quite explain this last question. Thanks coco - some great ideas there!!

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)


If I understand you correctly, you are just wondering how they hung the wooden valence to the wall? If so, the only way that I've ever seen them hung is with "L" brackets. There may be another way, but I wouldn't have a clue what it was, and those seemed to work well for me.

Good luck!

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks Trish - just one more thing to do of course, along with the hundreds of other projects I have on my mind :-)

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I've seen those made of heavy foamboard, cut into all sorts of interesting edges/shapes to match the theme of the decor, then covered with the batting and fabric. Pretty neat! I'd like to use have them in our bedroom.

se qld, Australia

Louisa, here in Australia they're called pelmets - so you had it right! :)

As a point of interest, pelmets reduce your heating bill in Winter as they reduce the escape of warm air.


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