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Byron, IL(Zone 4a)

I am in the process of having our home repainted, and have run into one problem. I picked a hollyhock color for our bedroom and I had no idea it would look that loud!!!!!It is so loud I am afraid to go to bed tonight in fear of having a nightmare....I plan on getting new carpet, drapes, and bed apparel. Apart from that does anyone have any decorating idea's that might help make it look lovley, and not our of one of Freddy Krueger's movies???

Newark, OH(Zone 5a)

you could take a lighter color and sponge paint on top of it to tone it down some. Other than that I'm not sure but maybe someone else has some ideas :)

(Zone 5b)

My impulse would be to repaint. Maybe see if you can get your color in just a tint and not a full-color (am I making sense?). Then you can add brighter highlights with the hollyhock color or others if you want (borders, sponge-painting, etc.) If you have leftover of the hollyhock color, maybe you could mix it with enough white to lighten it until you get a tint you like. This would probably be easier said than done though becuase you'd probably need LOTS of white and would have to mix LOTS at one time. You could also go over the bright hollyhock color with a "wash." I like the looks of washes but unfortunately I don't know how to do them. I will be finding out soon though because we're re-decorating too. I think it's something you mix with the paint.

I would do the carpet in a neutral solid so you can change the colors when you want to, and get your brighter colors from your accents and bedding and drapes, which are easier to change.

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