Vines for shade

(Zone 6a)

I have a dilapidated old shed where I store my gardening "stuff" - however, it really needs to be disguised.

The side I want to hide has a north northwest exposure. Are there any annual vines that will grow under these conditions? I am going to get a Virginia creeper going on it, but would like a "quick fix" for next summer.

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Hi, Foxglove
Have you considered a rambling/climbing old garden rose? I have a Lady Banks that covers a shed and you can't kill it! It is the most gorgeous site in the Spring - hundreds of beautiful yellow roses. Another one that will take almost anything is the Mermaid - it is a repeat bloomer, fast grower, and absolutely gorgeous. They grow about 20' x 20'.

They are very inexpensive and require no spraying, etc. I order from Chamblee's Rose Nursery ($6.95). They have healthy plants and arrive in great condition.


(Zone 7a)

Grits where can I find this shade loving rose vine? I tried to find it on the internet but couldnt locate it. I thought anything to do with Roses required full sun.
I also am in need a some shade loving vines...perennial perferably evergreen. Flowering would be nice but not absolutly necessary.
Any Ideas?

Kittanning, PA

Would you be willing to do a cutting from that yellow rose?
Let me know I would be really interested as you can tell from my ID :)


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

SYR: I have Lady Banks cutting that I took from moms house. I just rooted them 2 weeks ago. *IF* they take, I'll be glad to share.
Foxglove, which one were you looking for? If you want Lady Bank, I can offer you the same as SYR. Let me know ladies, I'll be glad to help.
**Whoops on my part. It is Janice that was doing an internet serch. Janice, I can offer you a cutting too! Sorry, I was confused! Lisa

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Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

I have a new yard and a new house this year to's like having a blank canvas. There is a good-sized wooden child's playhouse in the yard that I am going to use as a garden house; however it is in desperate need of some sort of climber also.It sits in total shade so I thought maybe a good hearty ivy might do well.How do they do with very, very little sun. There is a beautiful climbing ivy all along one side of my house and it seems to do pretty good in the shade.It manages to climb everything, including aluminum siding. As soon as it starts coming in well this year(maybe next month) I'll be taking cuttings for myself and there is such a great amount of it, I will take lots of cuttings if anyone is interested. The leaves are silver dollar sized and very dark green.

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Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Gotta Add...anyone that wants some cuttings can email me..I don't get to this site as often as I would like

If you think you can keep this wisteria from taking over your whole place,you can have as much as you want!It has purple blossoms in Spring.

(Zone 7a)

Hi Vineman
I would love some of your Wisteria. I have heard it gets a little out of hand. Just found out my dad has been chopping it out of his rear back yard for 3 years now and he still gets a little here and little there. I just figured it got out of hand because he never went back there and never did anything with it.
If you box some up and tell me the postage I will gladly send you the postage.

Janice,You want it, you got it!I'm still kind of new at this.I will try to contact you through Dave's just as Pat contacted me yesterday.If I'm unsucessful after 3:00 PM EST,you might want to try to contact me.

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Patty, Sure, no problem.

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Patty, I roll up the cut vines just so I don't trip in them.This stuff makes really nice vine wreaths but I'm not sure of the best time to cut it for this,or whether it should be preserved with anything.I do know when wisteria dies and dries out,it is fragile and crumbles like an old mud wasp tube.So if temporary natural wreaths are o.k. with you,just tell me how many pounds worth of vines you want.

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Patty & Janice, Please contact me to let me know where to send this wisteria.Also specify whether you want cut vines or an attempt at getting a live one.

Patty,U.S. Postal rates for a 10lb. box ,20"x20"x5" are approx. $10.30 (priority) and $7.41 parcel post,to "mid-Missouri".

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(Zone 7a)

Vineman and Lisa
I sent you each emails ( Lisa yours was earlier today) . I still dont know all there is to know on my new DSL and I have been getting some emails bounced back to me. If you didnt get my emails please let me know.

Patty,Not really new,old actually.The place has been grown over for at least 30 years. It's amazing the things I've been finding in the 5 years of clearing and cleaning.Not just the one stream I knew about because i could hear it,not see it,but two others I never would have quessed would be there.A small waterfall(which I plan to make a little larger),an old outhouse,what appears to be a retaining wall made from stone from the property from GOD knows when.When I burn brush at night I see curious juvenile green tree snakes hanging off vines in their "J" stance to see what is causing the heat & light.The deafening sound of all those tree frogs.The artesian well I just found last year.And although I'm no entomologist,there are some fascinating insects that I've never seen listed anywhere.One in particular,is an extremely small flying one.No bigger than the ball capsule at the tip of your pen,it's tiny blue/white wings beat feverishly as it makes it's way ever so slowly to where it wants to go.It's flying pattern looks like a childs drawing of waves on paper,up then down and over again.It's color is a bright baby blue.I've no idea what this thing is.I happened upon it clearing an area back in the ferns where I want to build a thatched roof Tiki bar.

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It really is a lot of hard work,but yeah it's a lot of fun!There are certain hazards though.After thirty or so years,a lot of native animals have known this place as home.First let me tell you that when I lived in New Jersey I used to sell outdoor power equipment.I knew which machines I was going to need here to do the jobs for the least amount of money and that I could operate myself.When I first started clearing with my Stihl FS-75 (bike-handled),equipped with a chisel tooth blade,I got to meet some of "the residents".This first endevour taught me two things;1)Don't brushcut in heavy brush by the streams in Spring and 2)copperhead snake young hatch in Spring.When I took a break and looked down at the ground and around me to see how much I had cut,I noticed some of that stuff still moving,including the ones on my boots.About a half-second later I realized what they were.Surprisingly they were not aggressive at all.Others include rabbits, foxes ,opposums,black snakes,king snakes,black widows,and snakes lizards and turtles that I have yet to identify.This place is only 3 acres but it is wrapped by 15 or so of untouched property owned by a friend.On the other side of his ,I have another lot which is about another acre and a half.It's in central North Carolina.

(Zone 7a)

I dunno, that was sounding kinda fun until you added the spiders and snakes. Love the furry stuff tho.
Hey when you send the vines---no surprises please!!LOL

Hey Patty,It's been fun but I gotta run.I'm doing this stuff at work(on a really old,slow computer)and it's time to go home.I'll check back tomorrow.And thanks for thinking my little place is as "neat" as I do!Later.Vineman.

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(Zone 7a)

Hey vineman! I am in the market for a chainsaw...I need a small one that I can handle and yet is strong enough to take down a 6" tree trunk. My husband is disabled so I do a lot of "man's work", and I have a lot of trees on my place (mostly the dread hackberry) that have to come out so that others can grow. I need something lightweight. Any recommendations? Your place sounds beautiful. Natural water features would be fun to have.

Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

I saw Lady Banks roses at Lowe's yesterday. That's down south, but maybe they'll have'em everywhere. Mine is gorgeous right now. I just wish they bloomed more than once a year.

Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

I know I'm slow here but I've seen Several Lady Banks that say full sun so I've avoided them! But I have a shaded fence that would be AWESOME with them...Thanks for the info! I'll have to give it a try!

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