FDA GMO Labeling -- comment period

Santa Barbara, CA

I encourage all to send comments to the FDA by April 3 during this comment period on the proposed rules regarding gmos and labeling.

FDA GE deadline - April 3 - Act Now

It is vital that US citizens respond to this consultation exercise before 3 April.


>The Food and Drug Administration is now accepting public
comment on its proposed new rules on genetically engineered(GE) foods. Despite overwhelming consumer demand, the FDA
has failed to require health and ecological safety testing
or mandatory labeling, and thus puts your health and our
environment at risk and deprives you of the right to know
or choose what you are eating.

>The proposed rules:

>* Do not require mandatory pre-market safety testing
>* Do not require pre-market environmental review
>* Do not require mandatory labeling of GE foods
>* Restrict voluntary labeling of non-GE foods
>* Require a mere letter of notification prior to the
marketing of a GE food
>* Fail to ensure public access to adequate information
for independent review
>* Are supported by industry and opposed by consumer groups

>The FDA needs to hear from hundreds of thousands of Americans that:

>* The FDA must require mandatory pre-market comprehensive
environmental review. Unlike conventional pollutants,
where a given amount of pollutant causes a limited amount of damage, a small number of mutant genes could have a population explosion and reproduce forever, causing unlimited and irreparable damage.

>* The FDA must require mandatory pre-market long-term health testing. GE products could be toxic, cause allergic
responses, have lower nutritional value, and compromise
immune responses in consumers.

>* The FDA must require mandatory labeling of GE products. Without mandatory labeling, neither consumers nor health professionals will know if an allergic or toxic reaction was the result of a genetically engineered food. Consumers would be deprived of the critical knowledge needed to hold food producers liable should any of these novel products be hazardous.

>* The FDA must end its cozy relationship with the industries it purports to be regulating. People have been allowed to work for a biotech company, then work for the FDA writing the regulatory rules on that company's product, then go back to working for the company. Ninety-two percent of FDA advisory committee meetings had at least one conflict of interest.

>Email your comments to: [email protected]
> with "Docket 00N-1396 & Docket 00D-1598" in the Subject line

>Mail your comments to:
> Docket 00N-1396 & Docket 00D-1598
> Dockets Management Branch (HFA-305)
> Food and Drug Administration
> 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
> Rockville, MD 20852

>For more information: www.organicconsumers.org , 218-226-4164

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