SoCal's landscape project update #1

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

I thought you all might be interested in seeing and hearing about my new front yard project. I just brought my previous pictures to the top of this forum so you can compare the differences. There are 3 of them.

We finally decided on a color for the house and had it painted...what a difference that made immediately. The garage doors are not WHITE anymore and they don't seem to screem out now.

After reading my first post on what I wanted, I have done most of it, but my DH and I decided to have it done right and we took out that retaining wall and all of the concrete walkways and planters next to the driveway. I did get my curved walkway and my sitting area in front of the window, plus we decided to put up the small wall along the front sidewalk and I will plant small roses along the edges so the dogs won't jump over the walls too.

The sitting area is a half moon shape with a short wall in front of it and the grass/dirt will be taken down about 18" starting in front of the wall all the way to the inside bottom of the front wall and the inside curved wall. I am putting in two planters on the right side, but they will be pie shaped and also the walkway will curve between them onto the driveway to break up the long straight line.

We also are having 4 short pillars. Two at the entrance of the walkway and 2 at the top of the of them attatched to the sitting wall and the other attatch to the top planter wall. And one of the most exciting things, is the mailbox!! It will be a tall pillar with the box inside the blocks.

Now for the decorative part...We picked out a loving paving stone called "Turning Leaf" that has rust, gold, white, green and a little brown in it. They are laying that now and are doing a great job. The sides of the block walls will have a "cultured stone" called looks like you stacked flat stones on top of each other with no motar. The tops of the walls and pillars will have a light brown concrete cap to match the stone wall.

Whew!! That's a mouthfull to explain and I hope you understand it all. I will continue to post updated pictures as this progresses. I am trying to lay out the plants I want, but it's hard to do yet, as I don't know how big the planting areas will be for sure yet...and I'm scared to death!! We have decided not to plant any trees in the front, but I need something for height in certain areas, so if you have any ideas, let me know. Remember, the area is still small, so the plants can't get to wide or it will be off balance. I am thinking about a Rose tree for the front right planters, what do you think? They have height, but don't spread out and I could still put lots around the bottom of it.

Oh, almost forgot, we will still be doing something with the front of the roof, after this project is done.


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