SOLVED: Orange Morning Glory

Kearney, NE(Zone 5a)

I received some seeds called Orange Morning Glory or Noah Morning Glory. I would like more information and the scientific name. Here is a picture.
Hope someone can help me and thanks.

(Zone 8a)

I grew those last year and beware they will ramble and put out a million seeds...I dread to see what a montsrocity that grows this year from these...I will be plucking seedlings all year...


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

talinum, grow it in a pot, but try not to let it go to seed. (easier said than done)
it's pretty, grown up around a pole in a pot, but I had one that is still sprouting seeds after 5 years from moving it. I pull them all summer. My DH loves it, but now we've learned it's habits we know what to do with it!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I believe the latin name is ipomoea coccinea var. hederacea. ~ A cross of I.coccinea (which has small red flowers & heart shaped leaves) x I.hederacea (the ivy-leafed morning glory).

Kearney, NE(Zone 5a)

Thanks for your help! I will have to be careful with it. Do you think the seeds will winter over in zone 5? I looked up Ipomoea hederacea in my Weeds of Nebraska book and there it was. Could be worse, it could be bindweed.

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Well, I have this and I started looking it up last year and I found a website about it and can't remember where it was, but it is also called Scarlett Creeper Morning Glory. It does look alot like a cardinal climber or a cypress vine other than the leaves. I really like mine. I let it grow up my gutter and so it stayed there and I have it growing on a bank. I like it. And it is really pretty with it's yellow center. It is very hardy and you do need to be careful about where u plant it. I let mine seed off so that I could cover my Georgia red clay bank. It will help keep down erosion.

Thanks, Traci S

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

The hummingbirds just love this one, and for me at least it's not as bad a spreader as some. AND it bloomed well for me without a lot of sun!

Spicewood, TX(Zone 8b)

I've seen your morning glory, but couldn't add anything to the informative answers you've already been given. :-) BUT I thought your gourd looked like a cross between a dipper gourd and a caveman's club. If you got the seeds from someone else or saved them from last year there's really no telling with absolute certainty ~ gourds cross so easily, are looser than barflies! LOL!

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

They grow wild here in south GA, and oh boy...Cannot get rid of them, at least they are pretty, but they cover here about like

(Zone 7a)

ok,i like them,the orange mg. anyone want to trade
for some grandpa ott's or mixed morning glory or
anything on my trade page? Thanks.

(Zone 8a)


I have seeds for sase if you would send me an email for addy!


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