Lettuce in Wallpaper Trays

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

When you are looking for shallow planters, you can always use those inexpensive trays that are in the wallpaper department of your hardware store...the trays you dip the paper into. They are long plastic containers that come in different colors, but mainly white.

To add drain holes in the bottom, I heat a 16 penny nail over the burner of your kitchen range, holding it with a pair of plyers to avoid getting burned, then turn the tray over, and burn some holes into it.

Once you've filled them with soil and planted greens in them, be sure to pick them up toward the center of the tray to avoid buckling. Most annual flowers do well in them, as well.

Thumbnail by Weezingreens

Wow Weeze,what'll ya think up next,lol,love it?? Think I'm gonna get some and try it too,love stuff I can MOVE AROUND,lol' My neighbors scratch their heads when I'm running around with my hand truck moving plants' They call me the Mobile Gardener,lol'

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Hey, "Mobile Gardener!"...great nickname! I love growing my lettuce in containers, so that I can just move them if the slugs get into them. I make them work for their dinner!For years I lived in rental homes, but longed to have my own garden. It had occurred to me to box in a small trailer that I could take with me...that would really be mobile gardening!

If you leave these wallpaper trays on the ground, be cautious about using one of those string grass trimmers around them. The string can tear holes in the sides.

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