March 27, 2001

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, tried to log on this crazy computer about twenty times last night. Kept getting a busy signal. Have about decided to go with another server. Geeezz. So went to bed early and even slept through my SMS girls getting into the FINAL FOUR! Whoohoooo.....
Anyway, about 10 minutes ago I hear a chicken squawking in terror. Skittles the incredible farm dog was sleeping right through this. Anyway, I let the dog off the porch, she corners a very large coon, hair standing up on her back, hubby gets gun, loads it, gets to the door, turns around three times and goes back inside to get something warmer on, finally gets the gun loaded and goes outside to get this dang coon. With coon dead and heart pumping who could sleep? So here I am posting journal early.
Patty, love your pics! I want Jersey cows. My retirement plans include these kinda cows. Simply beautiful. Where did you get yours? How many do you have?
I talked to Catherine. Her mother has been having it pretty rough. She (Catherine)is thinking about starting some seeds in her greenhouse. Still pretty cold there -- like just about everywhere right now it seems!
Better go try and relax and go back to sleep. It's up early around here to feed calves and then off to my 8-5. It has actually been pretty slow there. A nice relief for a change.

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