Scented daylilies??

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

I'd like to grow scented daylilies, but am very new to the family (and DG). Wondered if you know of a site which would give this info - or whether any of you have experience of particular cultivars. Looking at catalogue lists is v frustrating as often they don't say.
I already have Catherine Woodberry, but not sure where to go from here.

Hi Philomel,HTH....

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MD &, VA(Zone 7b)

I've got "Fragrant Treasure". A very pretty yellow. It's the only one I really have that is very fragrant.


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Kylertown, PA(Zone 5b)

Rainbow Candy by Stamile is unusual AND fragrant. Allegheny Sunset is also fragrant.

"down the Shore", NJ(Zone 7a)

You would love Hemerocallis flava, the lemon lily. Blooms very early in spring with a delicious lemon scent. Also, 'Hyperion' is a large citron-yellow daylily with a lemony scent later in the season.

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

That's intresting John, I would love to have seed or plant if it have here might have at Home Depot.

"down the Shore", NJ(Zone 7a)

REDROSE, lemon lily, Hemerocallis flava, will come true from seeds. I will save you some this year, if you don't find any plants by then. Or I can send you a division later on as well. John

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Oh so sweet of you, thank you so, I will let you know if I find here. Thanks again John~

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I had a lemon lily but some how I lost it. While cleaning up beds last year I dug it up to relocate it. I set the plant down somewhere "safe"... and never found it again. I looked all over for that daylily! I even went through the compost pile looking for it ... thinking I might have accidently thrown it in with some weeds. It bugged me all summer that I never found it. I think it just grew legs and walked off while I had my back turned. I'm known for misplacing seeds... but now plants too!

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

thanks so much all of you, that's really put me on my way :)

Morris, IL(Zone 5b)

Try Barbara Mitchell. It's very scented.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

this is great news! I have H. flava and Barbara Mitchell and didn't know either was scented. I just got them last year. Now I can hardly wait!

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

I just bought "Fragrant Treasure" at Home Depot for $3.33!!! Woo hoo! They have all their perennials except for Clematis 3/$10.00 right now.

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Bumping this as daylilies seem to love it here in France and it would be great to hear more suggestions - thanks very much for those already made.

(Zone 5b)

JIM'S SONG is a gorgeous deep red (not burgundy, not velvety, just deep red) with a yellow throat, and is very fragrant. Pictures on the net do NOT do justice to this one.

(Zone 5b)

put this into a Custom Query at Tinker's:

frag like 'vfr' or frag like 'f'

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

thanks very much birdsnblooms. and for the suggestion for searching.

South China, ME(Zone 5a)

My "Custard Candy " not only smells nice but its beautiful!

Thumbnail by pixie62560
Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Mmmm that's a beauty, thanks pixie!

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

I feel very foolish - I've just found the search facility, ABSOLUTELT BRILLIANT!!
All the answers are in there. I hadn't read the resources thread properly
Anyway, thanks for all your help, I'm disappearing into search mode for utter indulgence. Mind you, I don't know how many I select will be available in France......

Jamestown, KY(Zone 6a)

GUDRID is fragrant also. You don't have to put your nose way down in it to smell

Waddy, KY

I have a block of BEST KEPT SECRET and I've discovered that it's fragrant.


Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Oh, it's lovely to have your own personal experiences, thanks I'll look those two up :)

Uncasville, CT(Zone 6a)

Not a daylily, but Casablanca is wonderfully scented. On a warm evening, the fragrance drifts over the garden and is so soothing!

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Thumbnail by tonileland
Excelsior, MN(Zone 4a)

Some I have that are VERY fragrant are: Thorhalla, Westbourne Butterfly Season, and Westbourne Nightly Prayers.

Simpsonville, SC(Zone 7a)

For wonderful fragrance, I recommend Almost Indecent, Hyperion, Provocative, Awakening Dream, Cabbage Flower and Siloam Double Classic.

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