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You know it's spring when...

MD &, VA(Zone 7b)

the frogs come out of the pond and start sunning themselves. Mine has been coming out and sunning lately. AND I even heard the "peeper" frogs for the first time yesterday evening.


Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 6a)

You know it's spring when: You take your heater out of the pond and cross your fingers. "T" :)

Greenville, SC(Zone 7a)

The frog's in my pond have been coming to the top of the water and going back down, They are kinda slow like there not quite awake yet ~ And I heard the 'Spring Peepers' for the first time yesterday also ( I love that sound! ) I thought about getting the waterfall going ( It was in the 60's yesterday) But, It's only suppose to be in the thritys in a few more days and I don't want to disturb the frogs sleeping area untill it's going to be staying warm ~ So, I guess I'll hold off on the fall's for a while.

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