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SOLVED: Are these weeds or flowers?

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

Last spring we planted quite a few wildflowers along our house. They did very poorly. Now there is plants coming up & I don't know what they are. Maybe they needed stratification. Can anyone tell me if these pix are weeds or plants? It would be nice to have names of plants but not important. I haven't cleaned the beds out yet & don't want to pull up plants. I know a few weeds but they aren't the main subject in the pixs. The pass word to the album is sugar_fl
(hard isn't it ;)


Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Sugar_fl: From what I can see, you have quite a few nice ones. For biennials, you have forget-me-not, sweet rocket, and sweet william. For perennials, you have yarrow, and perhaps silene. English daisy is also a possibility. I could swear I saw a little cranesbill leaf in there, as well. If the biennials came up last year, they'll bloom this year, then die, but they should reseed for you.

I'd leave them where they are , or transplant them where you want them. But, if allowed a space of their own, they should afford you many years of beauty, whether by wintering over or by reseeding.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Here's what I saw

1 - sweet william
2 - hawkweed and an evening primrose
3 - silene (catchfly) [maybe]
4 - sweet william
5 - catchfly again [maybe forget-me-nots at the bottom of the pic]
6 - yarrow
7 - ?? - I'd think that was a weed... but not sure
8 - maybe some shata daisy in there
9 - hawkweed
10 - maybe evening primrose & another hawkweed
11 - not sure - it almost looks like sheeps sorrel but the leaves look silver?
12 - Evening primrose - I think
13 - not sure

I guess it also depends what you'd concider a weed. Is it a meadow type of planting or did you want it to be more of a garden and keep it neat? I'd pull out the hawkweed and evening primrose... But some people like them.

Tilton, NH(Zone 4a)

Here's what I saw and knew...I used the numbers off the pictures, not sure how it corresponds with poppysue's numbers
Plants 8 and 5, Evening Primrose
Plant 2 Yarrow
Plant 1 Coreopsis

I didn't see any that jumped out and said "weed", and saw several that look familiar, but no names. Good luck!

Could 11 and 13 be a type of Centaurea?

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

I think #11 is what I would call a cornflower or batchelor button-generally blue re-seeding annual.

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

It's only a weed if it's growing where you don't want it. I've learned the hard way to NEVER pull anything up until I know for certain it's something I don't want. The first year I have any Dame's Rocket my mother persuaded me to pull up nearly every one of them. When the two or three I'd left bloomed the next year, Boy! was her face red.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Sugar_fl: These are great photos, and some might be a nice addition to the database, at least those we can positively identify, so that the next time someone needs to identify seedlings, the info will be available to them.

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

Did U get my E-mail? I'd be happy to do that but gotta figure out how. I have never added any. Maybe I can get them identified with the great help here. I hope the cranesbill U think U see isn't a common weed here on the farm. Maybe it would help if I put on a pix of our VERY common weed. I know some is in that bed.

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Do you already have the photos saved in the jpeg format? If so, you can add them through the data base. There is a place at the top of each entry. For instance, I'm sure about the yarrow (achillea) #104611681g, 6 of 13. You could look up achillea millefolium in the data base, then click on additions or whatever it's called. You can enter your photo from there using the browser. Give it a try!

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