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We have an Unidentified Growing Object in the garden, well actually there are a number of them but the one which really bugs me each Spring is this.

It has defied many attempts to be identified and I've asked several wildflower growers what they think it might be. Well, if its not Corncockle, Knautia or a Daisy they don't seem to know. Perhaps someone here does?

The entire plant is distinctly of the Borage family, it is covered in prickly hairs. It grows to about 2ft tall and 1ft wide, has Anchusa like, outward facing, deep blue flowers and ovate, pointed, mid-green leaves. Alkanet comes to mind except that the leaves are more like Borage (fatter) and they bear small white spots, I can find no reference to anything related to Borage with this marking. I've even looked up Trachystemon orientalis but the flowers are on that face downwards and again no white markings. The bees love it and it flowers April-June, it also spreads everywhere.

Anybody want to take a guess?

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Oh, Lord, picture? I'm really spoiled by these digital cameras! Borage has savoyed leaves. Is that the case with your plant. I assume it is perennial, or it wouldn't be driving you crazy every year..or is it just reseeding? If so, we know it comes true from seed, so it must be species...right? Do you really think it is a wildflower? It could have been brought in in bird poop or a well meaning of life's great mysteries. I'd sure like to see a picture have my curiousity peaked!

I have a digital camera but its not very good and I do have a pic from last year but its too far away.

I'm sure its a wildflower (species) but not necessarily a native (sorry I should clarify). As the garden was abandoned for over 25 years its hard to tell what was once grown there or if it blew in. Once we cleared off the Rose of Sharon (Hypericum) it colonised the area. Yes it is a perennial.

Savoyed? Wrinkled? Its deeply veined and has that prickly covering that Borage has. I'll try and get a better pic this year. It will pop in a week or two.

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

The spotted one in the family is pulmonaria, but totally different growth by the sound of it. Perhaps this is a new hybrid - could be exciting Baa!!

No definitely not Lungwort :) Hmmmmm too much weird stuff pops up in the garden, I'll try and take a reasonable pic.

Thanks Philomel and WZ :)

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