March 28 2001

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Good Morning,

It's still cold out, but they say we may get some sun today and warmer temps (40s) through the rest of the week.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday - my rheumatologist has upped my meds and suggested that carrying feed buckets is a bad idea. I skipped chores this morning - my Carhart's didn't get dry because I forgot to hang them up!
Ah well, poor Stan got to deal with the thundering herd (no, they aren't out yet, still in stalls, but when they don't actually thunder, they beller) all by himself. Guess I'll make him some blueberry muffins for breakfast.

A mouse decided to rearange the little snapdragon plants last night. They are in an old pyrex pan, and it looked like it had been attacked by a tiny little dog. I think I got most of them upright. I'll have to set some more traps. If it's not the creatures I choose, it's the ones that choose me!

We went to the big mall outside of Erie PA yesterday after the doctor and I had to ride up and down the escalators with Jessie. I don't think she'd ever been on one before and after the first time, we couldn't keep her off them. She told her mom that Grandma and Grandpa's mall had escalators and that they were fun. Between the escalators and the new running shoes we bought her, she was in hog heaven - kids are soooooooo easy!

Warmer and sunny thoughts out to you all,

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