mangrove swamp

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I made a very nice trade with someone a couple of weeks ago and they sent a 'mangrove swamp'. This is from an email describing it
"Mangroves are the plants that form the Islands here in the tropics. Their tangle roots collect debre and stuff, and sand. Then an Island is made. Although they are salt water plants, living in the sea, s and bays. We collect the little cigar like seeds. you put then in Plain TAP Water, with some shells or sand, or rocks. And they grow into little mangrove swamps. They stay Bonsai. You can keep them outside in the summer, but bring it in the winter. give them sunny window and water. Thats it. Pretty Kool. My Aunt has one we gave her for 18 years"

Does anyone have experience growing this??? I can't find anything online telling me exactly what to do with it. Yes, she said put it in tap water, but dirt? no dirt? anyone?

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)
Here is a site that should answer most of your questions.

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