Mingsmimi...take a look!!!

(Zone 8a)

Mings...I found another pic that is close to your IMPOMOEA PURPUREA ! Take a peek...

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Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Is that Grandpa?

(Zone 8a)


Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Oh geez... yur gonna make me guess! Then it's gotta be the Star of Yelta or the Kniola's Black.... I'm guessing the SOY.

(Zone 8a)

It's Kniola's Black... YOU WIN!!!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Actually I loose. Kniola's would have been the third guess. Did you have good luck with her? I grew her and the Grandpa Otts. The Kniola's bloomed much earlier and went all summer for me. Grandpa did Ok but took a while to get going. They look almost exactly alike. I thought Grandpa had a little more red in the throat tho.

(Zone 8a)

Well I have another pic of KB and they look more purple than blue in this one! Go Figure!

I grew them in a pot and they did not bloom greatly...I grew Grandpa in the ground and on a trellis and they bloomed really good and GP did have more red in throat!

I am really baffled about the name IMPOMOEA PURPUREA...When the KB is Impomoea Tricolor...hmmmm, could I be wrong?

Sharpsville, PA(Zone 5a)

VERY PRETTY!!!!!! WOW! I never heard of that kind till a few days ago when someone was talking about them. I'll bet they looked wonderful, flowing and flowering all over the place!! Thanks for the posting! :) Share more!

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