Raspberry Plants in Containers

Is this a possible and if anyone has done it can you please offer some tips on size of pots etc?
Thanks alot!

Hi Amanda' I grow rasberries(in the ground) The biggest problem is that they have runners and I think it would fill up the container very quickly and you would have to keep cutting out the runners and replanting them in other containers' Personally,it would be too much work for me but maybe not for you' Rasberries grow very large in a short amount of time,you might want to re-think growing these in containers' HTH and let us know'Sis'

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I don't grow them but it does seem like they would fill up a container fast. I have wild ones in the field behind my garden and they send up runners in my border. They're a real pain to control. How about strawberries? I've seen them grown in containers a lot.

Yes Sue,now you're talkin',lol' I grow my strawberries in a Myan(sp)container and they love it too' The fruit stays clean and I place it near the entrance path for visitors to pick as they stroll by upon entering our front gardens'

When the weather warms a bit,I have a child's small pool that I will put drain holes in/bury and also plant with more strawberries out back' In the center will be another container with more plants,haven't decided which yet though'

Thanks for the suggestions.
I don't have ground worked up yet due to the weather and a neighbour gave me 6 raspberry plants. I better pot them temporarily until I can work up a garden space. Thanks again all.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I am renewing this old thread in hopes that someone will have tried container gardening with raspberries since Mummyof4Dolls' first post. I am going to put some of those I bought directly into the ground, but I'd like to try a few in containers. I have so little sun that I have to chase it.

If you've had luck with container-grown raspberries, please let me know if there are any tricks you used. Thanks!

New Matamoras, OH(Zone 6a)

Mummy, happy;,,

Although raspberries would probably do better in the ground, I've been successfully growing them in containers for years.. The only drawback I have found is that I have to water them more frequently. I have no problem with them crowding the pots as I prune the older canes. Raspberries and blueberries are two of the easiest fruits you'll find that do quite well growing in containers.. As far as what varieties do best growing in containers!, I think I would try and stay with one of the shorter growing type like the ever bearing "Heritage" variety.. Those are thornless and get two fruit sets a season. Summer and Fall.... More bang for the buck and effort so to speak... I start my small plants in one gallon containers and step them up to three gallon containers the second year where they stay and thrive year after year...I feed them every spring with a slow release plant food for that seasons growth.. I enjoy eating raspberries and blueberries all season long.. If you've never tried growing them in containers, you should.. You'll be supperised at just how well they do.. One other thing is when the season is over, you can leave them sit outside through the winter months with no protection and they'll come back year after year.. The temps here in Ohio can get down right cold in the winter and it doesn't seem to phase them one bit..


Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Dave: You are a star -- thank you so much for that very helpful information!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

I've grown rasberries in containers for decades... same plant... they started out the first few years in 5 gal buckets.. then they went to a 4' x 1' x 1' container/ planter... the planters all freeze solid in the winter.. but the plants do just fine..
I'd try the most compact ones you can find... mine are long and leggy.. and I tie them together..tie them back...chop out some... and cut them back spring summer and fall.. they will compleatly fill out any container they are in..only buy one per container..
now you'll not likely get enough to give away / or make much jam... but eating a bunch in the morning when you are out in the garden with the morning coffee is lovely..I recomend it.. slightly warmed by the early sun..the flavor explodes... Gordon

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Wonderful -- thanks. I have some raspberries in temporary containers now. In the spring I'll transplant them into more permanent homes.

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

I just planted two Canby Reds in some large half oak barrels. I just put them in there because I'm probably moving soon and I want to be able to being them with me. I'll probably put them in to ground when we buy a house and espalier them. This is my first attempt to grow rasberries. We'll see how it goes. I planted some blueberries last year in an oak barrel and they seem to be doing well. They had plenty of flowers but didn't get pollinated very well. Hopefully they'll do better next year.

Louisville, KY

I'm bumping this just to say THANK YOU! I finally found the answer I want. In spite of all the advice to the contrary, I wanted someone to say yes, you can and should grow raspberries in a large container.

I love the idea of placing them at the entry to the garden sis! Uncle greenthumb & gordonhawk, thanks for the positive reinforcement. Any more advice for a newbie raspberry grower wannabe would be welcome. I came home with some Lathams and hope to get 'em in giant pots like my bamboo. Also blackberries. Anyone had luck with those in pots?


Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

well Soulja... we always find the answers we'd like to our questions..and asking someone here if you can grow that there.. we're bound to give you the go ahead on it.. that's just how we're cut out..
I was thinking of this thread.. as I looked at mine returning from winter today.. Marveleous...lots of leaves and stalks sprouting up over my head...but it also gives me pause.. no flowers yet and I recall the southern name for that last real cold spell.. maybe some snow...called raspberry winter.. a bit like Indian Summer ( the heat after the first cold ) the pause...so I know there's a cold spell yet to come... Raspberries won't mind.. but I should await planting..

Louisville, KY

Thanks gordonhawk! I think I'll grab some whiskey barrels (plentiful here in KY) and put these in those. Do you recommend morning sun and afternoon shade? And do you just prune the new runners out? or does the fruit suffer if you do that? thanks again!

I wish you some deliciousness in your garden this year!!!

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

Raspberries are unique because their roots and crowns are perennial, while their stems or canes are biennial. A raspberry plant may survive and produce fruit for many years. However, individual canes live only two years and then die.
During the first growing season, the shoots of purple, black, and summer-bearing red raspberries are strictly vegetative (non-fruiting). The following year, these same canes flower, produce fruit, and then die.
Fall-bearing red raspberries naturally produce two crops. The first crop is produced in late summer or early fall at the tips of the current seasonís growth. The following year, a summer crop is produced on the lower portions of these same canes. After the second crop, the canes die.
Red raspberries produce new canes from buds located at the base of the previous seasonís growth and on their roots
as far as sun goes..mine get sun all day long..they do have a bit of afternoon shade from a Japanese maple that is near by.. but in NY that isn't necessary..
the barrels sound great...make sure you have good drainage holes in them

Kilgore, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey, just want to say thanks to everyone because last week I bought a Blueberry tree in a container & was wondering if I can keep it in there or transplant to bigger container. It sounds like they have similar growing needs to raspberries. And the thread also confirmed my idea of growing the strawberries in a container which I already transplanted. Just a question though, I transplanted the strawberries into a much bigger container than maybe necessary for right now. Is that okay?

Louisville, KY

Thank You Gordon!!! I just love when I search until I get the answer I was looking for.

I told my Mom & Grandma on the phone the other night that I wanted to do the raspberries and they just cackled like, "Oh grandma (my GG) used to have raspberries and they took over her whole yard HA HA HA you don't want to do raspberries HA HA I don't think they'll stay in pots even HA HA!" [;-/ ~grrr

So I told them cacklin hens that Gordonhawk and unclegreenthumb and sis grow them in pots and when my raspberry preserves wins the blue ribbon at the Ky State Fair:

Y'ALL AIN'T GITTIN NONE!!! {;-D ~ha ha!

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

JUst wanted to update my progress with the blueberries and rasberries in oakbarrels. The blueberries are going off! I can't wait till they ripen. My 1 year old and I just shared the first one yesterday.Mmmmm good. The rasberies are sending up shoots that look very healthy but one gets more sun and is getting way ahead of the other. I'll have to wait till next year for those. I also have strawberries around the edges of the barrels and those are starting to go too. I can't wait. I think I'll put a little acid organic fertilizer on them again. I did it about a month ago and feel like they could use some more. I also was advised to put a layer of orchid bark around the blueberries and I think it needs some more of that this year. Any, input anyone?

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

I didn't realize strawberries needed acid soil.

Kilgore, TX(Zone 8a)

I was going to use Sierra Red Organic Mulch on my Blueberry tree & Lemon tree. Now I'm not sure if that's what I should use. Anybody know what's best to use?

Palmyra, VA

Hi latelybloomin77,
I live in central Va. and have an abundance of High Bush Blue Berry bushes and they grow wonderfully in my woods where they are surrounded by pine needles and leaves from the other trees. If you can get pine needles to cover the soil around them they love it. Pine needles are very acidic and make a great mulch on plants that need acidic soil. Best of all if you have pines, the needles are free mulch. :).


Container growers of anything should give Google the words "SMART POTS". Introduce yourself to what many feel is the best container you could possibly grow in. You are looking for a synthetic soft sided heavy duty fabric pot. It's all to new to be explaining here. If you like good stuff and being on the cutting edge of using the best by all means go here and learn. Don't be in a hurry. Check out this site carefully.

Grosse Pointe Shores, MI(Zone 6a)

I just happened on this great thread, and would like to know if anyone has anything more to share about growing raspberries in containers.

I think I might like to try this, but since I garden from a wheelchair, plant size is an issue for me. Could anyone suggest some productive cultivars that would remain relatively short?

I've read that proper pruning is essential to good fruit production. Do you train the canes in any special way? Is is easy to tell which is a primocane and which is a floricane? (Sorry for such basic questions!)

Finally, do they need more sun than blueberries? I've got several blueberry plants in pots and in the ground that seem to be doing well although not in full sun. If I could put a container next to the blueberries that would be great. Otherwise they will have to compete with the tomatoes!

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

It's so nice to see this thread helping so many people! Awesome!

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