Really sick goat/Beware the queasy!

(Zone 5a)

Hey out there, I have a really sick goat and hope to get some advice. She came up lame in left foreleg yesterday AM, put her in shed but couldn't find a cause, last night found swelling in left chest. This AM I have to force to stand and help her up, swelling worse in chest under and slightly down left leg and all the way back to gut in front of left hind leg. An old goat farmer came out today, took a look at her and found a puncture wound on left side of lower gut in front of hind leg. A guess would be the aggressive doe in the herd knocked her into something sharp and now is VERY infected. Was advised to give large doses of LA 200 daily and Terramycin crumbles approx 1/4 cup twice daily. Am soaking with hot epsom salts compresses and got wound opened and expressed really thick cottage cheese consistency pus. Gave 8cc LA 200. She's a big doe, Saanen. Know this is a big dose of antibiotics but feel she needs it. She had a CD&T vacc. in mid February. Does anyone know a recipe for a poultice to draw out the infection? Any other advice? Jewel you out there? Please Help! Thanks, Lana

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