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I need help starting Yucca from seed

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

Hi everyone!

I have about 5000 yes 5000 Yucca seeds I am wanting to start. Yes! They are all for me, well some are going to friends. Please don't laugh at me. I know I have a gardening problem :~) Anyway
I have looked through all 30+ gardening and plant propagation books I have and none of them are very specific about starting yucca from seed.
I have chilled the dry seeds and in a covered mason jar for 2 months. One of my books says to soak them for 24 hours in plain water before sowing which I am doing now with about 1000 of them. I plan to start those in the morning. Before I do anything with the other 4000 I want more info.
ANY help I would appreciate but here are my main questions:
1) How long until germination?
2) What kind of success rate should I suspect?
3) How fast will the seedling grow during the first 30,60,90 and 120 days? I am growing them in my house till spring and I need to know how much room they will take up.
4) How my years until they are of a good size?
5) How long until they start to flower?
6) Success by direct sowing in spring?
I guess I want to be sure that all my efforts will be reward and that it's not going to take 2 years for the seeds to germinate and 10 years to flower, if you know what I mean.

Besides the yucca I have over 50 flats of other perennials, trees and shrubs to start this winter& spring and I don't have a greenhouse or coldframe. So, I need to make the most of the space in my house. Yes keep just about all of the plants I start. I only get rid of the ones that don't turn out to be really nice in my eyes (which ain't many! LOL) Those I take to local plant swaps.

Realistically I am hope to have 750-1000 live and thriving yucca seedlings come fall. I have an acre out in the sticks and I am wanting to put a band of yucca about 20ft wide across my property between my house and the road. And in a few other areas.

Again any help from someone that has raised yucca from seed would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I have traded or given away another 4000+ seeds to folks here and at that "other" site. So this should help a number of other people as well as myself.


Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

BTW I still have more yucca seeds to trade.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Sari,
I can only give you my first experience about starting yucca seeds. Wow, do you have a lot..I had Anyway, I soaked the seeds and planted them in seed starter soil (well-drained) indoors last year, around April. Nothing happened for a month. I planted a second batch of 20 seeds exactly the same way..well drained soil, soaked for 24 hours, just covered them in soil..but, I added bottom heat! I used a heating pad (call me cheap) and they all germinated within 2 weeks! Nothing had ever grown from the first batch either. The bottom heat seemed to do the trick. I later read somewhere that yucca can take 30-300 days to germinate but it needs heat to start (65-75 degrees F). The yucca that grew were about 4 inches by September. I moved them all outside during the summer and kept them mulched. In the Fall, I covered them with straw. I don't know how long they take to mature for flowering, though. A few that I had planted in semi-sun didn't have as wide leaves and were stringy, so I had to move them in the Fall.
Good luck with them and if I find anything else out, I'll let you know :)
ps..your seeds are in the mail :)

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

It's me [email protected]

Lyles, TN

Yuccas are desert plants, they like soil that's a little alkaline and well drained. BTW are you making shampoo?

Schenevus, NY

i have a type of yucca in my plant journal. i got the seed from atrade. it sounds complicated but i will give it a try. Bottom heat huh? I have a place by a wood stove that stays prtty warm. does it need light. I have also heard people who start seeds that need bottom heat on top of the water heater.
My directions for mt seed says 12weeks at 39 degrees, then move to 68 degrees for germination. then here the directions end. oh it says set out in 2nd i keep them as house plants till then???

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)


I planted 2 trays of the yucca in my house. I went and bought of of those heater trays at Walmart and the other I just put on a shelf. The tray on the heater pad has not done anything! The one that is just sitting on a shelf has quite a few little yuccas comming up. I am going to start 2 or 3 more tray this week.
BTW I took the one on the heating pad off last night.

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