Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

I also mix my own glazes. I bought the store kind just once (the leather diaster I was talking about).

I usually stick with the same color, and darken or lighten it myself. Then, mix in water. For me, how much depends on what look I'm trying to achive. For example, sponging: about half water, half paint.

I'm sure there are more professional ways to do this!



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Burbank, OK(Zone 6b)

I've used the Ralph Lauren glazes and loved them. Water-based, a little goes a long way, only buy a quart, they come in differnt tones, I have used tea-stain, and tobacco.
Home Depot carries them. I have also used them over wallpaper and painted furniture. I tried mixing the paint with the glaze per a designers instruction ,but did not care for the look as well.

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

I have used the glaze medium, 1 part paint, 1 part glaze, and 1/2 part water(give or take). I love sponging, or plastic(grocery sacks) bagging(less expensive than sea sponges). Don't forget the oops paint at The Home Depot!! Especially if you want a change and color doesnt have to be exact! Can save loads of money and if you dont like it you havent busted your budget! I purchased two different color browns and mixed them together painted the base coat which was a gloss, then sponged a lighter flat tan glaze over top. Turned out really sharp. Neighbors thought is was wall paper! The contrast of the flat and gloss was nice and not over powering.

wow i like your ideas guys...i saw the ralph lauren glazes but was scared off by the prcies...maybe i thought i'd need more than i really would...thanks

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