Have: Red Canna Bulbs

Elk Grove, CA

Have TONS!! Will trade or send for postage.

Wanted: Heirloom veggies, especially peas. Herbs, medicinals, edibles, roots/starts of shade plants, maybe ferns?? Check out my list at


Thanks!! --Soleil

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Would love to have some cannas. Send address and I'll send SASE. I looked at your web page -gosh! All of you are so talented! It is beautiful.

I have all kinds of shrubs, roses, etc. and will be happy to share cuttings. Just haven't had time to add to my page. Have added some this AM. If I have anything you would like, just let me know.


Dexter, MI(Zone 5b)

I'd love to send you an SASE envelope. Please tell me how much postage to attach. I'll also include some seeds for you.

Carlton, OR(Zone 8a)

I would love some too!! I can send SASE.

Olympia, WA

hi soleil
could i trade you or send you postage for the cannas also?
i saw that also order from abundant life. would you like to coraborate sometime?
or by the way i have mashua tubers. although small, they will grow though. i just planted them so i dont quite remember which is which but would be willing to send you a plant when it sprouts.

Huron, TN

could i get some to sase thank

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