SOLVED: Hedera colchica 'dentata'


Hello all Hedera enthusiasts- this is one that I like for its somewhat limp-looking, oblong leaves.

Woody stemmed, self clinging climber. Useful for
brightening a shady corner.
Soil, well-drained, alkaline.
Position, walls, fences, posts, and as ground cover.
Propagation - softwood cuttings or rooted layers in late summer.


Thumbnail by Peter63
Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I love the varieation, but wouldn't be happy seeing them droop all the time!

Lutz, FL(Zone 9b)

Poor thing looks like it needs a drink! That's what some of my potted plants look like after a day in the hot Florida sun. But it sure has pretty colors!

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Brightening a shady corner? So will this vine grow in a good amount of shade? (I've been looking for a shade loving vine.) Does this one ever flower?

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