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Water Pump ?'s Please help!!

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Hello Everyone,
I have a few ?'s to ask. Would anyone by chance have a Bio-filter that you might be interested in selling for a good price? I am starting a water pond and I am doing a small 3 1/2 ft oval pond on top of a small hill that I have in my yard. It'll only be about 18"deep at the most, there on the top, and then it will pour over into the waterfall that I plan on building in the hill by making steps in our hard Ga red Clay and then putting bricks on it to hold it in place and covering the bricks w/something soft not to tear the liner. Then at the bottom, I want a 8' x 6-7 ft odd shaped pond w/ Koi on one side and seperated by a net with plants on the other side. I plan on in the very center having it 22" deep and about 16-18 inches on the side with koi, which they will have access to the deepest part in the center. Then on the other side where the plants will be I want it to be different depths for aquatic plants. Maybe 12" in places and 14-16" in other places. I am also wondering if anyone could answer a few ?'s. If I have a regular filter, can I make it a bio-filter by adding carbon inside the filter in a cheesecloth or is there any other way to make a regular filter a bio-filter? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have also been told that you can use peat moss to filter w/too. Could someone please help me out with this. The bottom will be made from a 12' pool liner and I also have a regular pool pump that went to that. I plan to start as soon as possible so any help would be appreciated soooooooooo much!! You guys are so great, and I trust your advice. And if anyone has a spare filter or pump, please LMK and I'd be so greatful!!

Thanks alot in advance,
Traci S

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Why don't you just make a bog filter? It will filter the water and be a great place to put some bog plants!

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

You could make the 3.5 ft oval top pool the bog filter. Put you pump in the lower pond with water going to bottom of oval top pool. Fill oval top pool with gravel and plant bog plants.

Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 6a)

Traci,,alhanks has a great idea! You could also plant them in lava rocks instead of the gravel. Good luck! "T" :)

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks and his pic's are great too!! Any further advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. We are gonna do it Al's way, and have alredy did the bog pond at the top and dug the falls back into the bank and are 1/2 way finished with the big pond at the bottom!! Just do not want to take any chances on screwing anything up, so if anyone has any opinions or suggestions, please LMK!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone!
Traci S

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