SOLVED: Need id please!

(Zone 8a)

Someone sent me these and did not label them...all they were was a stem and stuck in a pot and it finally bloomed...


Thumbnail by imaseedpicker

This look like the Neomarica that was debated on this earlier thread

(Zone 8a)

Thanks Baa...That is it but has anyone agreed to the name? LOL

I think it's the Neomarica name rather than Dietes because of the flower formation. Dunno what everyone else thinks LOL

Sodwana Bay KZN, South Africa

It is definitely Neomarica, not Dietes grandiflora. The two are not synonymous. As someone pointed out in the other thread, Neomarica is South American, Dietes South African.
Neomarica, the walking Iris, bends the flower stalks (which, incidentally, look similar to the leaves) back to soil level, and roots, forming new plants (hence the name 'walking'). Dietes does not do that.
For what it's worth.

Thanks Maddy :)

(Zone 8a)

Thanks! ya'll...mine did bend over for I had to hold it up to take pic of it!

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