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SOLVED: unnamed runner

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

I think this is a grass and it runs if left like that. I'm looking for its name. Help!

Thumbnail by Dinu
High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

some kind of spider plant???

Please excuse, fingers are swollen. Looks similar to Gardeners Garters - Phalaris arundinacea var. picta

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

The variegated leaves look like the spider plant, but it is sturdy and runs leaving roots if it finds the soil. I'll chech it out, Baa.

Hello Dinu,

the blunt tips to the grass, and if it grows to around 15cm in height,indicate to me that it could be

Stenotaphrum secundatum variegata.
St Augustine's Grass.


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