SOLVED: what is this spring bloomer please?

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

It is in my step daughters garden and she didn't plant it

Thumbnail by Gwydion
Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)


Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

Wow that was quick. Thankyou! I'll tell her.

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

I believe she has planted it a year or more ago, and it has been a big hybrid Hyacinth.. they do this, less and less flowers every year.. ;)

Kitchener, ON(Zone 5A)

She didn't plant it at all. It is a new house and she has things growing all over the place that she didn't put in herself. Thankyou for the info. She will probably pull this after it blooms. It is in a bed where she would like to plant all lilies.

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