Need expert please!!!

(Zone 8a)

My pond is 14x20 and 2 ft deep...I need to know exact gallons to put in Acu-clear and I came up with 3950 gallons and I always thought it was around 1200 gallons...

Hope someone can help!

Rebecca, Figuring 7.5 gallons per cubic foot your
14x20x2 feet equals 560 cubic feet which equals 4200 gallons. And if you think for one second I did the math on this you are soooooooo wrong. I haven't a clue. DH did it for me. BTW, the accu-clear works best on coagulating dead algae so that the filters can pick it up. It does not work well on blooming algae. For a pond that size you need at least a 40 watt uv light and a minimum of 1800 gallon per hour pump. DH said if you would like to call he would be happy to talk with you. Email me for phone number if you want it. Good Luck!

(Zone 8a)

Gosh! Thanks so much I had must have been thinking about the pump @ 1200 gals an hour...LOL My DH told me I was wrong about the gals... Boy was I!

We were thinking of buying a larger pump anyway so I guess we will... We are going to make a bog garden above the water fall too and hope that will help!

Thanks so much and I may call for help!!!

(Zone 8a)

Vic...We went today and bought a 4300 gph pump and a pre-formed pond liner to make the bog garden and hope to clear water soon, accuclear has not helped, you were very right about it!

We are going to move our old pump and homemade filter around pond on a daily basis to help remove sludge and hope to find something to kill the algae!

I'll give you a holler if I need help!

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