Have another problem!

(Zone 8a)

I took birdnetting off pond today and when I fed the fish...One didn't come to eat, I have 4 big koi and it was one of those so...I would like to know if someone knows if they hybernate when they lay eggs and protect them...I had babies last year but never noticed if they didn't come to eat...

I am worried that some predator may have gotten in the pond and got!

Last year when I removed the nets I lost a beautiful yellow butterfly koi to some sparrow hawks but they could not get them because of the nets!

I hope to see it tomorrow!


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

some of them don't come up right away! don't lose hope yet, some just need to feel safe.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Koi do not protect their eggs. In fact they will eat a bunch of them which for most of us is a good thing because what would we do with all those thousands of babies? They sometime aren't hungry in the spring until the water gets warmer so don't give up hope yet. Good Luck, Lani

(Zone 8a)

Thanks ya'll but this koi is very active as they all are even in winter...she came out this morning and did eat but seemed sluggish and am seeing her now and then but she swims away and hides...

Now I wonder if it maybe sick...

Anyone know about koi diseases? Please let me know if I should get it out and isolate it!


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

she could be laying eggs?

(Zone 8a)

I hope that is all! She seems okay but just kinda floating at top and I seen her bump the edge of pond a couple times...maybe she's in labor! LOL

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

was she bumping by herself? or the other fish bumping her?

(Zone 8a)

One time I didn't see another fish and then another time I saw her bump a comet...do they breed with other fish? LOL I may have another breed of fish before long!

I also noticed another like her doing the same thing so maybe they are just in season! he-he more babies...last year I only had 5 survive and now they are about 5 ins long and growing like crazy!

I am trying like crazy to get my water clear to take pics of them...went today and bought a 4300 gph pump and a pre-formed pond liner to make a bog garden above the waterfall, hope all this expense and hard work pays off!

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

they will breed with goldfish. The males will bump the females to get the eggs out. it can look like they are really fighting or picking on her. I hope that's all it is:)

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Ok everybody, Please do not laugh at me!!!!! 0:) I am a new at this! Just started a really nice Koi pond about 2 weeks ago. I Used the wonderful advice from another DG'er here and did a bog filter at the top pond that is about 4 ft around and tear drop shaped. The smallest part dumps into my waterfall that is about 10 ft long, but only about 4-5 ft in elevation. At the bottom, the pond is 8-9 ft and just beautifully odd shaped, if I must say so myself. We hand dug it along with a Jack hammer in this HARD red Ga clay and lined it properly, and I have a 1200 GOPH pump at the bottom feeding the waterfall. I have a fountain, with it's own pump (1000 gallon pump) and it works great. I added some suff (????) can't remember the name, but is supposed to help with PH and I guess it did. I went the oher day and had my water tested and my PH was between 7.0 and 7.5. So, I couldn't resist getting fish. I have One Huge Jap KOI, 4 comets (1.50 a piece) a shubunkin, that is a light blue and pinkish color and orange and just beautiful and a few small koi. Oh, and ONe goldfish!!! If any of my fish were dead, wouldn't they be floating? I have seen several, but after messing with the waterfall so much the water is all mucky again. I also have 3 water lily's and one is already blooming and it is soooooooo beautiful, and in the bog, I added, Iris, hyacinth, and a few others I forgot the names of. Somebody, please tell me, if they were dead wouldn't they be floating? Please, Please!!!! How often do you all feed your KOI? Help a newbie, somebody!!!!

Thanks so much!!!
Traci S

(Zone 8a)

Gosh...you don't ask for much do you? LOL Now I have to go back and forth to read your post so I leave out nothing!

Are you saying your pond is 8-9 ft across...and how deep? How many gallons total? My DH and I tillered ours and it is 14 wide x 20 long x 2 ft deep (which is 4200 gallons)and yes we shovelled out every grain of dirt and to top it off the temps at the time were over 100 in july! Whew!!!!

I bought some koi and others after a couple weeks when ph was right and have had them since then...one is over 3 pounds and have another about 2 1/2 pounds and some I bought last year were about 4 inches and this year about a pound...

We had a 1200 gph pump to filter the water and it is not enough so we bought a 4300 gph filter last week...

If your water is already getting murky you will have to upgrade your filter pump...my water since last winter has been green with algae and it has to do with the poor filtration we have had that we thought was good enough!

I lost my fish I mentioned above that seemed sick and all was fine until I went to another pet shop and bought some sick fish and put in pond and they died within days and then my fish died so I went to the pet shop where I usually go and bought medicine for we think is gill flukes which the new fish had...

I am so mad because these people said the fish were healhty and they weren't... I have a small fortune in my fish and hope I don't lose them all!

I feed my fish once a day...lady at pet shop said to feed them every other day...but they are so hungry!

Hope this helps! Let me know how you do!


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Traci, fish don't always float when they die. You'd think....but. But they are probably there, just hiding. Watch for cats:)
Reb, I have 3 ponds, none really big. We don't run a pump. Algae isn't from not having good filtration, it's a balance in the pond, and the algae feeds easiest so grows fastest (I stand here ready to be corrected, but it is possible to have no algae and no filter, we do it) I have it real bad in the bigger fish pond, no cover. my fault. But I'm running a pump while the algaefix is trying to fight it. And I've got my parrots feather soaking in a bucket hoping to get the string algae off before I put it in that pond, that's the one thing it didn't have wrong! Now, in an ideal world, we'd run the pump all year round, but it's in full sun, and running the pump causes so much evaporation, we just can't see taking that much water out of the well all the time.
I'd love to see both your ponds, they sound wonderful!!!!

(Zone 8a)

Tig...my fish did float to top and have some others I bought over the years! Except the one I think hawks got and am sure they did because I saw one fly over pond one day and then the crows began chasing them away and haven't seen them since...I hear the crows calling all the time now and know they are chasing them away...Thank God for crows!

You may be right about algae balancing the pond but it is ugly and can't see fish clearly... I took a sample to my regular pet shop and all was balanced so it must have been the infected fish that killed my 1 fish and from the symptoms it seems like gill flukes!

Again I am so mad at this people and have thought about calling them and giving them a piece of my mind but what good would it do? They just lost my business and I will tell others how sorry they are!

I will send you a link with my ponds!!! Still need your address to send plants...the brug you gave me is y'ing already and I swear I seen little blooms hanging off it!


Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I know most fish do float, but we have found at least one that didn't, it got caught in the anacharis and didn't make it to the top. and of course, there are the jumpers that you find too late...
algae is just another plant, but it uses the food so easily, that's why it grows so fast. I need more cover, will be glad when the lilies get bigger. until then, it looks like I'll have to put up with green, and all that rain we just got didn't help, it made it worse!
sending you my addy. and if you have blooms, I'm going to hit myself! I don't have one yet!

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

In ponds you should do at least a weekly 25% water change weekly. Algae is fed by the food and fecal matter that the fish produce as well as the stuff that falls or blows into the pond. Your ponds are just like giant aquariums is why they need water changes. They are closed systems and the water that evaporates being replaced is NOT a part of the 25% water change.

Not all fish float when they die. Have you ever looked into the fish tanks at your local chain store? They almost always have dead fish at various levels of the tank. TraciS your babies are probably hiding which is what the new fish tend to do when they are introduced.

When you run your pump only part-time the filter system keeps getting good bacteria started and then when you turn off the pump a lot of the bacteria dies or goes dormant. Then the bacteria must get going again and again. I know that the water lost from the evaporation is a fair amount but it is really best for the ecosystem that is dependent on you to run the pump 24/7.

When a pond is balanced then it will be beautiful. The main problem with our ponds is that we tend to see the fish in the store and buy without regard to the size of our ponds and the amount of plants to remove the ammonia. Be careful how many and how big the fish are in your giant aquarium called a pond. Good luck. Lani

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Hey Everybody, We only saw 2 fish and that was the other day. It was the Butterfly Koi (I think) I believe it is the one that is sooooo Gold it shines like gold jewelry! Then I also saw a regular koi. But none since then and they hid quick. I haven't seen them eat, but maybe they wait til I leave and come up for a snack, who knows!!!

About my pond- At the top~ I have a tear droped shaped bog pond that is full of gravel and lava rock and these little white rocks that has really helped with the PH. The guy told me it would, so 2 days after I added it, I went and had him check the PH and it was between 7.0 and 7.5. So it did help! The tear drop at the slimmest part of the top pond, dumps into the waterfall that is about 10 ft long. We built this on the top of a bank and dug back into the bank and made steps and it looks really great to me!! Then the waterfall dumps into a 8 ft pond that is oddly shaped. Sorta rounded but, not really. It is 16-18 inches on the side, and gets deeper toward the center. In the very center it is 22 inches deep. I have changed a few things around. I have my pump in the bottom ofcourse, and it had another outlet, so I added the filter to it. Which the pump is a 1200 and the filter is a Pondmaster 1000. I also have a fountain, but it has it's own seperate pump that is supposed to be about 1000 gal itself. You can add 2 other things to it other than the fountain. Think I'm gonna go and get me a neat lil fish that sprays water or something along those lines today! Where the waterfall dumps into the bottom pond I added a bag of Barley Straw. I just put a rock in the bottom of the bag to keep it from floating too much and tied it off. I hope that'll help get a jump start on the algae. I figured up my pond size at Lowe's on the lil computer thing and it said 1,080 gallons. So, I hope the 1200 is sufficent. I just keep messing with the pond som much and messing with the rocks I knnock more mud in it!! EEEWWWWWWWWW that tee's me off. but it is starting to clear up!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, In the bog I have Black Elephant ears, which I planted in the gravel. Should I have done that. I also have Black Gamecock Iris that are in the bog, and water canna's, just planted in the gravel. Is that what I am supposed to do up there?
In my bottom pond I have 3 water lily's, 1 thing I'm not sure of, and then some floating plants and 2 floating hyacinths. Any suggestions PLease, Please!!!!


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