purple leaves on cup and saucer vine?

Carbondale, IL(Zone 6a)

My cup and saucer vines have all turned completely purple!! And they're growing really slow now...I know it's the sun, because where some of the leaves underneath were covered by other leaves they're still green!!! I thought this plant liked full sun, what's wrong and what can I do? Any help would be great...

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Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

wish I could help, I have had more trouble with these. most of mine had the main stem break. of course, they got too big before I got them where I wanted them, but be careful. get them in ground or staked before they get very big.

In the mean time,you can start staking with small twigs or small dowels for support if they get too big before you plant em.
Don't really know that much about these except that you grow in a sheltered site in full sun and they can get 30-70 feet tall. Sorry I couldn't help you more.

(Zone 8a)

I grew some last year here in al and they didn't bloom but when cold weather came they turned purple...

Hope this helps!

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