Midlothian, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi...I bought a meadowsweet plant from I got what appears to be a taproot. In fact, its hard to tell which end is up. I've got it in some water right now so it doesn't dry out anymore. It is impossible to get into the garden right now because of all the rain. I had planned on laying it in a recycled lasagna pan with a soilless mix until the sun comes back out. Is this a good idea or should I do something else with it? The ground is so saturated we have standing water. It could be a week before I get it outside. TIA, Rabbit

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Hi, Rabbit - Welcome to DG!

Without knowing what variety of Filipendula ("Meadowsweet") you have, I don't know about laying it on its side. Here's a link to all the Filipendula plant information in the DG Plants Database - maybe it will help. If you still have questions, post back here, and I'm sure some DG members can help you further.

Powhatan, VA(Zone 6b)

Most plants can figure which way is up, so lying it on its side should be fine..


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