twisted tendrils

Westbury, NY

Help! My morning glory seedlings became hopelessly twisted in their starter pots. Unravelling them is next to impossible. Is it safe to cut them short to separate them and will the tendrils continue to grow once I set them out? Or will cutting them do serious damage? I have seen morning glory's growing in pots in pictures from Japan where the flowers sit close to the plants. Is this achieved by pinching back the tendrils? Has anyone done this? Grateful for an answer. Arne

Cleveland, OH(Zone 5b)

arne- I can't believe that no one responded to your post! I was looking for an answer to the EXACT SAME QUESTION!!! I just tried to untagle my family of MG's. It felt like being in the middle of a teenage girl's fight!!! I did resort to breaking off the long tendrils that had no leaves. I guess they'll grow back. I repotted some of them into larger pots. I hate to have to use more store-bought soil when they'll be going into the ground soon. (hopefully within a week) But you never know with this crazy weather! So arne, what did you do with your tendrils? Let me know please. Thanx, Cecelia

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

was also hoping someone that had done this before with MGs would answer. I have cut or torn the tendrils on passionflowers and cobea without any problem.

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