European seed round robin

Pernis RT, Netherlands(Zone 8a)

This is for all you Europeans out there (sorry, I'm not discriminating. It's just to keep the postage down)
I've just made an inventory of my seed box and I've got more seeds left to trade then I thought.
And since a round robin sounds like great fun, I wondered if there are people interested in a european seed round robin. For those who don't know what a round robin is:
I'll make a box with 20-25 seed packets and send that of to the first person on the list. This person can take out as many packets as he or she wants (in case of doubles, only one of each sort), but has to replace them with the same amount of seed packets. Then this person sends the box on to the next, etc.
I even worked thought out a way to divide the postage fairly, but I'll send you those details when you sign up for this one.
Email me when you're interested.

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