This is the blue flowered Borage relative that I was talking about a month or two ago. I know what the pink flowered plant is but I'm still stumped as to the blue. What you cant see is the white spotting on the leaves which is spoiling my chances of identifying this one.

Any ideas?

Thumbnail by Baa

Hah! Isn't that typical, I've just run yet another search and found what it is, at last!

OK because I can't take it off, anyone care to have a go

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

My first thought was Alkanet, but it would have to be diseased or attacked by a bug to have white spotted leaves.

Very close Philomel!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Is the other Nora Barlowe columbine? :) I have no idea about the blue one!

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)



The pink flower is a columbine but a very old variety which is fully double, rounded petal pompom or pine cone Aquilegia (you can see a closer pic on the PDB under A vulgaris). Unlike the Barlows these have a very tight ball flower and between 5-16 tiers of petals.

Evert no it's not Pulmonaria the flowers are flat like Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not)

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

is it green alkanet (Pentaglottis sempervirens) or maybe bugloss (Anchusa arvensis)


I also identified it as Pentaglottis sempervirens, so well done!!! Still worried about the white spots on the lower leaves which I believe are small glands, but it is as close an identification as I can get right now :)

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Hmmm, I should have stuck to botanical names (practice what i preach LOL) as Pentaglottis sempervirens is what i was referring to as alkanet. It's a really pretty bright blue flower but can be invasive and difficult to get rid of. Lots of it around here in the hedgerows. I've never noticed the white spotting on the leaves that you mention Baa. Will have a closer look at the next one i see.

LOL Philomel, it's hard to tell from common names and we're in the same corner of England!

Thanks, if you do look at the leaves, I can't find any gfrowing wild in the area.

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

where is it growing, Baa?

In our garden.

It was neglected for about 30 years and covered (I mean Sleeping Beauty's castle, lean out of the bedroom window to be able to clear a space to open the back door) in briars. When we cleared the garden 7 years ago the first things to poke through were these and Spanish Bluebells

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Well i've had a look at the wild ones around here Baa - and no sign of white spotting on any of the leaves!
Perhaps you have a new gardenworthy variety, LOL????????

Thanks for looking Philomel :)

Not sure about it being garden worthy *G*

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