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New Ponder here In Ga!!!!

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Hello Everyone!!!!
You guys got me so excited over watching and watching all of these ponds that we finally did it!! I have wanted one for about 3-4 years, but just didn't get the spunk to do it til Dave's Garden! Well, we had this UGLY bank that is all red Ga Clay, and so I started doing some research and used Alhanks idea. I did a tear drop shaped bog filter at the top of the bank and it is about 20 inches deep and full of Lava rocks, gravel, pea pebbles, and these little bitty white rocks that are supposed to help with your Ph. Then the tear drop dumps onto a 10 ft long waterfall (stream) and then into an 8x9 ft pond that is 16 inches deep on the sides and sloped deeper in the center. It is about 24 inches deep in the center and I Love it!!!!!!! I was so worried at first because the water was so muddy and I couldn't see any of my fish and I went and got some Pond Clarifyer and put it in Friday night and by Saturday morning it was clear and I could see all my fish. Oh I was so happy!!!! I have Barley Straw in it right under the waterfall. I am just wondering is there anything else I should do for it since it is so new. I put the stuff in it that removes chlorine and I am cleaning my filter daily, because it is cleaning out the mud, and I am such a newbie at this I want all the advice I can get. I have Water Canna's, Water Iris(Black Gamecock) and they are gorgeous! A black Elephant Ear and another type of iris in the bog. In the pond I have Miniature Cattails, About 6 water hyacinths that are huge, 3 water lily's, and I think that is about it. Other than my babies!! I have a 7 inch Gold fish, A 6-7 inch beautiful koi, a shubunkin, 4 comets 1 baby koi and 1 baby gold fish!! That is all I'm getting, but I was so happy to see them. They are not wanting to eat much though. Could anyone help me with this? Do ya think they just need time to adjust, or are they just not ready to eat? Or does anyone have a clue? I have my Water Lily's and plants stacked on bricks. Is that ok? I couldn't find anything else to use. What are some other suggestions that look nicer? I have a 1200 GPH pump and a Pondmaster 1000 filter on it. And a fountain that is great. It has two outlets and I am running my angel fountain off of it. I still think I need more pressure for the waterfall, because doing the hose up hill I'm losing pressure. I may get another pump sometime and just put it in the bog just to have more water flow going down the stream. Does that sound like a good idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, my pond doesn't get much shade til late afternoon. I am wondering if I should go ahead and put some algaefix in it to prevent blooming algae, or should I not? Please LMK!!!

Traci S

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

you can start treating with algaefix now once a week as a prevention. I'd set my lilies on the bottom, they should be that deep and the leaves will grow overnight to reach the top again. don't feed your fish too much, that will just muddy up the pond. don't worry if they don't eat too much, scoop out what they dont' eat in 5 minutes.
sounds beautiful, can't wait to see it!

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks, I had no idea they could go that deep. I figured I would dround them. Thanks so much. But I have one ? One of them has 3 buds on it. Should I drop it that far down with the buds about ready to open?

Thanks for the advice!!

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)


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