perennial sweet pea

Does anyone know how perennial sweet pea spreads? Is it by underground runners or the funky way they throw their seeds around?

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I think it's by seeds. I've seen a few clumps at my in-laws (a few of which I dug up) and they seem to stay in a tight I can only assume it's by seed.

Lewisville, TX

I grew a couple of perennial sweet peas and the clumps (here) would die back to the ground in the winter, then come back bigger and stronger every year. But they never did send out any runners.

So, they must spread by seed.

I think the 'funky' way Elsie. Lathyrus latifolius - if I may be so bold :) is not particularly invasive by rootstock but it will thicken out by throwing up basal shoots.

In common with any Lathyrus that I know, it will naturally propagate by seed dispersal.

If you want to increase it and be sure of retaining its
flower colour and growth habit, divide in the autumn or spring. Seeds may come true or they may show variations.



Thanks for all your help. I started out with a very large clump by my fence and now it is across the walkway and against the house. I've seen how the pods hurl the seeds but I really wasn't sure if they actually went flying that far. I try to pinch all the pods off, but the main plant grows way over my head so I'm sure I don't get all the pods. Can I just dig a clump up to share with friends?
I don't really consider them invasive since I really like them I was just wondering how they got where they are. I guess I have to get a couple of trellises against the house. They'll look pretty against the white house.

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