Found lots of passionfloras!!!

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Yesterday I was at my mom's for the weekend, somehow I went back of the land checking out on our old barn. I noticed something on ground and checked. Oh it was passionflora all over on the yard which they sprouted all over. I went and got shovel and digged. I got me several of it.. There's still more.... I don't know what extactly name for this passionflora. When it bloom, I will take pictures of it and post it.. I called my bro and sis and told them about it.. They come over and dig it to bring home lol.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

It's probably Incarta, more than likely actually. It's hardy here and I'm just putting a trellis up where a couple of mine are coming up.

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Most likely you have P. incarnata aka MayPop. You can compare the leaves to pictures in the Plants Database for positive ID.

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

probably but the flower bud was small and flowers also.. I remember that few years ago. We never had any maypop on that land after we dump lots of dead trees etc.. and set it on fire.. then later in two years later.. they are growing everywhere. It must be a bird drop the seed...

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