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SOLVED: Pic of TraciS flower

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

This a pic of the flower TraciS is trying to get ID on.

Thumbnail by MOLLYBEE
Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)


New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

This is Spiderwort, I have some here.

Temple, GA(Zone 7b)

Oh Thank You, Thank You , Thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!

Appreciate it soo much!
Traci S

lagrange, GA(Zone 7a)

Molly did you raid Traci's flower bed when she wasn't looking. You have the picture????? LOL

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

LOL That is because we are best of friends and if she has 2 she gives me 1 of them! and the same with me, if I have it in my yard you can bet she has it in her yard. She just brought me some of it yesterday and I haven't got around to planting it just yet, so I told her I would run out and get the bucket and bring it in so I could get a pic of it with my eye cam. Good thing I hadn't planted it yet hee hee or we would still be guessing what it was.

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

Be careful Mollybee, Here in GA I have to fight it almost as bad as Kudzu..LOL

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

O noooo really??? Hmmmm guess if it starts taking over I will have plenty to share with everyone here LOL

Blum, TX(Zone 8a)

HI!mollybee, it is also called "widows tears" in some locations.I think it is a very pretty plant. i grow it in with my "Pink" oxaliis. Also in a planter bed that won''t grow much else. It is heat tolerant and comes back every year, fairly easy to pull out the runners.

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Boy Tink that is good news then! I planted mine in a couple of different beds hoping to spread out the purple color a bit....seems like I have waayyy tooo much purple all in one spot LOL

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