SOLVED: Before I stupidly post....

Salem, OR(Zone 8a)

This is a Varigated Creeping Charlie, in bloom. They grow in two large planters on my back deck, and they're fairly protected there, so they return every year like clockwork. The little springtime blooms are so sweet! It gets long tendrils on it, and manages to go clear through the deck boards to the soil below and in late summer, it will root there. Won't last the winter down there, though. Only in the containers do they thrive perennially. It even gets a little pushy with other things I try to plant with it. I usually dig a bunch up from the middle to add to baskets, etc. and then plant a taller plant like nicotania in with the one that is alone in a planter. One of the containers has a dracena (I think) and a bunch or peppermint, all of which survive winter.
My question is, if I post this to the PDB, which I guess I should since I didn't see one there yet, I really guess I should know the correct name for it, and I don't. So, should I post it there, and let a "real" gardener do the latin lingo,etc., or what. Thanks all. Some day I'll get into learning all the lingo myself. Learning slooooowly. LOL!

Thumbnail by penny4
Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

That's a beauty, Penny. Great pot filler!

Glechoma hederacea 'Variegata'

Salem, OR(Zone 8a)

Thank you Carol and Baa, One of these days I'll figure all that out, but not today...

Salem, OR(Zone 8a)

Thank you Carol and Baa. Guess I'll put it into the PDB.

Plymouth, PA(Zone 5b)

Penny4 that is one awesome looking plant... Does it seed?

Salem, OR(Zone 8a)

Good question, Tamlamb! I have no idea! I do know it will grow at the drop of a hat if I pull a section out root and all. These blossoms are real small - about 1/4 inch across. If you would like a chunk, I could send it, if you think it would live through the trip from coast to coast.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

They're a member of the mint family and (in my experience) they are truly representative in their growing habit. I have the non-variegated variety growing all around our A/C unit and now trying to spread into a bed around the corner. The variegated variety may be more well-mannered; what I have is pretty "pushy", and I dig it up by the handfuls whenever I find it in my beds :)

Pretty plant, Penny4!

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

I like that one too. It grows wild here, but not the variegated one, just plain green. They're flowering now too. The leaves have a nice scent and can be used as a herb/spice. It is easy to propagate from cuttings.

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