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SOLVED: Mystery Tree

Kittanning, PA

I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of tree this is...
Someone cut it down and I "found" it ;) Thanks for the info and if possible....can i grow it from a branch? The flowers? are green and fuzzy

Update: I found out today that this was a magnolia tree..... thanks to all who helped... :) And I'm gonna try to root it

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Thumbnail by singleyellowros
Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

How tall was the tree? How big are those buds? Is the bark reddish brown and glossy? I'm thinking it could be a magnolia. If it is, you may be able to propagate it with that branch, provided it hasn't been dry for too long. Many trees can be propagated in this way, including magnolias (haven't tried it myself yet).

See these webpages for information on how to do this:

Couldn't hurt...You've nothing to lose, right? I think your best bet is to take it to a local arboretum; here in Ohio, we're fortunate to have Dawe's Arboretum ( You might even e-mail them and attach your picture if you don't have a local arboretum.

:o) Gardenwife

Kittanning, PA

Not sure how tall it was.....the buds are about the size of your thumb...1st knuckle to end.....the branches are mainly brown but have with spots? on them..and sort of glossy but not alot.. Was told possibly a Tulip tree......?
Thanks for the sites .. i will check them out....

Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

It's a Popular tree. For sure. I posted a message in the Propagation section about the tree.

ehrikon, Switzerland(Zone 6b)

magnolia stellata

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