SOLVED: Tropical plant?

I found this plant at the grocery store of all places, no tags and the nice lady there couldn't remember what it was called. Anyone have any idea what this plant is? Could it be a hoya? Thanks!

Thumbnail by deblynn
Alfred, ON(Zone 4b)

it looks exactly like a hoya multiflora also called shootingstar hoya..

you are so lucky!!! I'm looking for this plant since a long time.. way to go!

Hey, Thanks so much! You're right and would you believe, I paid just under $5 for it. I feel really lucky right now. Sometimes I wonder if these people know what they're selling half the time. :-)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Deborah, that looks cool :) I hope it will grow fast, hehe ;)

I bought an english book last year f or just 50 marks - African trees and shrubs. It would have cost over 300-500 FIM in some internet stores..! =)

Alfred, ON(Zone 4b)

if you ever feel like sharing or trading a tiny cutting, think about me *LOL*

I have a few other hoyas.

If I ever figure out how to make a cutting that roots, I'll definitely think of you zameluzza. :-) Do you know if hoyas will make fertile seeds? I'm thinking of trying some hand pollination. Just have to find a magnifying glass LOL.
Thanks again for the help!

Alfred, ON(Zone 4b)


I will e-mail you

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