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I wasn't sure where to post this question so if I have posted it in the wrong place please forgive me :-)
Today my sister and I went on a wildflower hike at a local park. Although the flowers hadn't really bloomed out good we still had a fantastic time and saw so many beautiful plants. Thank goodness there was this lady close to us that knew ALL the plants because we couldn't heard the guide when he told of them. It really amazed me at all the things she could tell us about each one we looked at. At one point as we were following the path we came around a small bend and across from us the hillside was full of bluebells. They were so beautiful it almost took my breath away.
My question is --- does anyone know where I can order any of these? I ask a couple of the guides and they didn't know. Went from the park to Lowes and Walmart and searched their seeds and couldnt find any. I think they are bulbs tho aren't they? Also I did a google search and didn't really come up with much.
I would love to have some of these to plant on the upper part of the hillside behind my house. Has to be the upper part ---the lower part is already taken with other things. :-) If anyone has any idea where I can get these I would greatly appreciate it.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

I ordered from springhill( last year-waiting to see if theres any growth from them this year-But they do have them!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

They could have been Virginia bluebells ~

If that's it do a search for Mertensia virginica and you should find some sources.

Julian, WV

Thanks Dori and Poppysue for letting me know where to get bluebells.

West Portsmouth, OH(Zone 6a)

Gayl, was the foliage spikey looking, in a clump, growing out of the ground, and a knock-your-eyes-out, blue bell?, Similar in looks to, maybe a solid green, Lithrope?

Sorry, that is Liriope.

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Julian, WV

Phloxy_lady I cant say for sure if they looked like a lithrope because I am not sure what one looks like :-( I did a google search and couldn't really find anything. But they did grow in a sort of spikey looking clump and they were the prettiest blue I have seen. I have also found out that depending on what state they are grown that they have different names but are all the same plant. Or it seems to me that they are from looking at the pictures and reading about them.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Gayl - I'm a little late joining the talk, but it sounds like what you saw are commonly called "wood hyacinths." They are bulbs and also come in pink and white - although my blue flowers crowded out the other colors over the years. I have seen them available in most catalogs that have bulbs.

Julian, WV

Joyt they could also be called wood hyacinths --- I am not sure. I was only going on what a lady in the group told us they were called. I did a google search on wook hyacinths and got a pic and then went to the site again that poppysue told me about and kept comparing them. I needed to do it that way, even thought I had seen the plants, to make sure of it. You know how the mind can be sometimes LOL Then too there are a lot I dont know about or what kind of plants so I have to look them up. I think the leaves might be a bit different but the flowers looks the same. Could it be that the leaves might vary some?

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Gayl - all that I have seen have the same foliage - green, spear-like but closer to the ground and thicker and more "fleshy" feeling just like "regular" hyacinths, not like jonquils. Good luck in your search!

I don't know about your American bluebells, but English bluebells (Endymion non-scripta or lots of other names) are like leggy royal blue hyacinths, and the tops bend over. Spanish bluebells (Scilla campanulata) are a paler blue, or white or pink, and don't bend over.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gayl here's a link to some photos that might help you (it's a page of hyacinthoides and scilla bulbs from John Scheepers catalog, and you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them):

West Portsmouth, OH(Zone 6a)

go_vols, thanks for the link. The Scilla siberica is the plant I was describing. What a 'knockout' blue!

Julian, WV

Thanks everyone for all the help and information.

Go_vols the scilla siberica is the one I am looking for and as phloxy_lady said they are a 'knockout' blue.

Dori I know it is my computer but have tried and tried to get to the address you gave me and I keep geting Page cannot be displayed. Since I upgraded I get that a lot. Usually if I keep trying I can eventually get to the page I want. I will keep trying :-)

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Gayl, I have Siberian Scilla in my yard,( WI) I could mark the places and send you some for trade or postage after they are done bloomiing( with their thin stems-I do not think that I could get them to you in blooming state ( I will dig and see) They multiply and march along, should do especially well in a pt. shade/shade hillside where they can spread out.

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