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Water garden & lotus plants

Lacon, IL(Zone 5a)

I recently purchased a bare root lotus plant on E-Bay. When it arrived, no instructions were included. It is a Shiroman lotus tuber. I would appreciate any information or advice on how to plant and/or care for after planting anyone has. Help Help

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(Zone 6a)

Jeanjanes, there are excellent instructions regarding lotus at http://www.theplantplace.com/lotusdiv.htm

Did the tuber arrive in good shape? I have been leary of ordering lotus on-line (think I just got burned on "buying" a lotus - been two weeks and haven't got it yet). The Plant Place has excellent instructions for lotus, water lilies, and other aquatic plants. Hope this helps!

Becky G.

Holland, MA(Zone 5a)

hi there! Its late so i will make this quick but cplanting a lotus is very simple. i suggest a round shallow planting container of 18" in diameter or better. Fill the pot about 3/4 of the way with soil. take your tuber and lay it flat on top of the soil. take a rock heavy enough to weigh down the tuber and keep it from floating and place it on the tuber its self and away from the growing tip. slowly sink your whole pot into the pond . the water should be about 4 to 6 inches deep over the top of the tuber. the tubers growing tip will pull the tuber to the bottom of the pot its self and will start making more growth and runners from there on. you may also want to add some aquatic plant food tabs along the outer edges of the bottom of the pot before adding soil. 4 to 6 tabs should do it. enjoy

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